Matrix Martial Arts Supports Web Black Out!

Matrix Martial Arts supports the Web Black Out.

Doing a little Martial Arts Research, I clicked to Wikipedia, and was redirected to a blank page.


Today is the day to show the world that the internet should not be controlled by government, by big corporations, or any other vested interest.

martial artsThe government is trying to push through bills that would squash the internet. Under the guise of controlling piracy, SOPA and PIPA are programs that will take the internet away from the people. Sorry, but if these big corps want to protect their property, they will have to do so without squashing freedom of speech.

And, let me take it a step further. If you know which corporations are trying to take over the internet and control our lives, don’t do business with them. And write them a letter (an email) explaining why you think they suck, and why you will never buy from them again.

And, let’s go another step further, write your official representative–it’s easy to find out their email addresses–and tell them you are going to vote them out of office if they even think about passing legislation like PIPA and SOPA.

And, don’t forget that this is all happening under the present regime–Barack Obama. Perhaps it is time to write the white house a nasty note, let him know what you think of a government that tries to stop people from openly communicating.

Sure, there is a problem with piracy, and you should check out SOPA and PIPA (google them) to find out more about them. But the solution is not to step on the bill of rights.

Now, I’ve said all there is to say, except one thing…have a great work out, and enjoy your martial arts!

(Educate yourself, click to wiki right now, you will be redirected to a page with all the information.)

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