Martial Arts Violence and the Occupy Wall Street Bunch


Martial Arts Violence, is that the answer to Occupy Wall Street Violence?


I detest Martial arts violence, but over the past few months I have seen police wailing on Occupy Wall Streeters, I have heard of Wall Streeters throwing objects (urine? Fireworks?) at the police, and I wonder what the individual solution is going to be when the Fit hits the shan.


And, if you believe what the Wall Streeters are saying, it will hit the fan. You see, a full 31% of the Occupy bunch have stated that they are willing to get violent over their beliefs. Check out this video if you don’t believe me!


31% is a revolution! And what is even more startling is that this ‘revolution’ is actually encouraged by the President of the United States! Him and the other Marxists in the White House (the red house?) have stated that the Occupy bunch are legitimate movements.


What would you do if you were caught in escalating mob violence, if people started going through your neighborhood looking to bop a few police on the head? What would your martial arts solution be?


You don’t want to fight back with fists, because they will likely not use just fists. No, you would look for something easy to swing, and yet which has enough weight to do some serious damage.


Should your weapon have an edge on it? Like a spade, or a machete? That’s tough, because the police would likely arrest you for carrying weapons, or worse, if you had to use it, for assault with deadly weapons!


My serious hope is that this all goes away. See, the Wall Streeters don’t realize that Wall Street creates more jobs than they destroy, and the white house (red house?) destroys more jobs than it creates. That’s the simple truth, as proven by many statistics.


Has the government ever managed to do anything right? That is a legitimate question!


Anyway, I recommend having a couple of spades within arm’s reach. Make sure they have sharp edges, and learn a few kung fu moves so you know how to use them effectively, and, hopefully, without having too damage a few loose nuts and bolts.


That’s my advice, but i hope we never have to resort to martial arts violence.

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