The Degradation of the Martial Arts

Martial Arts Degrade Naturally!

What you can do about it!

I love speaking about how the Martial Arts have fallen apart.

the Little Dragon

All Arts ascend, coast, and descend!

The evolutionary curve of anything is discovery and ascension, coasting, and descension.

First, somebody discovers something, it gets a buzz, and it gets promoted.

Second, it becomes accepted, and there is little resistance to acceptance.

Third, people move on to the next great thing and forget about it.

Sadly, this paints people as whimsical creatures of fad.

So the martial arts get rediscovered periodically, people get excited about them, and then they get left behind. This holds true for every martial art in existence, and, in fact, this phenomena can be observed in everything in life.

The trick is to present the martial arts so that people don’t want to leave them behind.

People don’t want to leave science behind…they can’t, it works, and it keeps working, and it can’t be disproved.

Oddly, in spite of faddish claims, there has never been a science of the martial arts. There have been all variety of methods, but no real set of principles expounded, no predictable results charted.

And there we have the problem of this up and down faddish viewpoint of the martial arts: art is an expression of self; science is logical and predictable results.

When putting together Matrixing I quickly realized that I could predict resutls. Matter of fact, I realized this when I kep ttrying to do things other than matrixing. The ‘faddish’ parts of my own mind were betraying me, and I had to keep failing, and keep being forced back to the matrixing viewpoint, before I finally got it.

So here’s something to think about. I studied Karate, but when it came time to teach it, the fad had passed, and it was time to teach kung fu. When I learned kung fu, the fad had passed and I had to learn something else. Art after art, I passed through the so-called ‘golden age’ of martial arts, always a step behind the fad, but–and here is the blessing–always being forced back into matrixing so I could assimilate new arts.

Now, when it is time for you, the young reader, to teach an art, will it have passed? Will you be trying to teach something that people are already forgetting about? Will you alter the concepts and teachings so you can appeal to a jaded audience?

I can’t tell you how real-unfortunate but real-these questions are.

At any rate, anyone wishing to look in to Matrixing their martial art, fixing it so it doesn’t degrade, and learning all sorts of things about how to learn all sorts of arts in quick snap time, need merely mouse on over to



2 thoughts on “The Degradation of the Martial Arts

  1. David Chan

    I enjoyed reading your post, it was interesting. I can see what you are talking about with the change with times, but I think there are personal factors. Factors like the individuals that practice the martial art and the teachers of them. Anyone that truely believe in what they are doing would not allow fads to effect them and teachers need to grow with the changes of time.

    1. alcase Post author

      Thanks for commenting. I’m a big fan of Uechi Ryu, you’ve got a nice site. Very sincere. Have a great work out. Al


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