Martial Arts Newsletter!

I just started a short series of  martial arts newsletters to explain about Matrixing. This series follows the recommended curriculum listed on the home page of Monster Martial Arts.

Every other newsletter I am going to be making a special deal, giving something away, and generally encouraging people to study Matrix Martial Arts.

Matrixing is a martial science.

People can save money and learn entire arts within a few months.

Anybody wanting to get in on this, the next series of special newsletters is going to start up in about a month, so sign on now! Go to Monster Martial Arts, write and tell him you want the Free Matrixing Book. You’ll get signed up for the newsletter at the same time.

If you’re following Matrix Martial Arts through wordpress, go sign up for the newsletter.

Or, here’s a good one, go to…in the black menu find ‘freebies’ and click on it. You’ll find a page offering SEVEN martial arts books for free.

What? Are you still here?

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