Free Martial Arts Book Special Deal!

I’m offering a free martial arts book to anybody who gets the Matrix Aikido Course.

aikido DVD courseThe Matrix Aikido course is an actual seminar in which I taught four guys how to do Aikido in under an hour and a half.

There is an actual scientific method to doing this, and it is not taught in classical schools of the martial arts.

If you are experienced in Aikido, you might want to consider a newer and faster training method (months instead of years).

If you are experienced in another art, you can add Aikido technqiues to any martial art you wish.

If you are a newbie, time to get s tarted. Get a few friends and do this course. you will be shocked at how fast and easy it is.

And…the free martial arts book.

This is a book I wrote on how to put on a martial arts seminar. You can grow your school using this martial arts book, you can actually start a school using this free martial arts book.

I go over how to advertise

how to structure the class

how to sell people on taking the class

I even give sample posters, business cards, and so on.

I actualy have never sold this book, and I don’t think there is anything like it on the market.

To be sure, the information in it is incredibly simple, stated like a checklist to do, and I have never seen anybody present this information.

Anyway, that’s a martial arts course, presenting an entire and compelte martial arts, on two DVDs and a CD (with an instruction manual).

And, you get the free martial arts book. IO will email it to you as soon as paypal notifies me that you have ordered.

Hope this helps, I really want the martial arts to grow on this planet.

I want to help people learn how to teach better, I want to improve martial arts, and, let’s face it, times are tough and you could use a bit of extra money. Putting on a seminar to jack up your school, or getting a free book which can help you start up a martial arts school, is really what the doctor ordered.

Go to Monster Martial Arts and click on the Matrix Aikido course, and for the next seven days I will be giving out this free book. (It is January 16m 2012 as I write this.)

See ya.

aikido dvd course

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