Are Martial Artists Stupid? Or Smart?

Are Martial Artists Smart? Or Stupid?

Martial Artists, much like the body builders of old, sometimes get a bad rap. Unfortunately, where’s there’s smoke…

pa kua

Get smart the smart way!

The body builders of old would fill their sentences with ‘uh,’ and ‘duh,’ and sound pretty low brow. So people thought they were stupid. What is funny is that, often as not, they were polish. The Polish language, especially when brought into English, has a lot of ‘duh’ and ‘doh’ about it. It was a problem of language, not brains.

Nowadays, the fellows who make martial artists look stupid are the few unintelligent fighters. Look, a fighter has to be smart, he has to make connections, but whent he fighter sounds stupid, you think he is stupid, and there are a few fighters who have been raised on Beavis and Butthead. They scream and pose and shout death to their opponent, and don’t care that they give intelligent martial artists a black eye.

And, what you gonna do? Not watch a fighter who lacks speech skills? Heck, the reason he is in the ring is because of his fist skills!

Now, the good news is that martial artists are smarter, and martial arts, on the whole, raise the level of intelligence.

I know, a lot of people have become convinced that people can only get stupider with age. Well, grin, that’s stupid. What can go down can go up, and consider what intelligence it: it is the ability to make connections. Martial Artists, especially those who practice classical martial arts styles, tend to get more analytical, see more things, and are smarter.

Heck, they have to make the connection on the mat, and they bring that ability to make a connection to the real world.

the Little Dragon

Tell me this guy was stupid!

Now that that has been stated, let me give some good news. The science of Matrixing is dedicated to enhancing the ability to make connections. It is designed to make martial artists smarter, and at a tremendously faster rate.

A guy doesn’t have to wait through three or four years to black belt, experience the onslaught of intuition, and start making connections. Now it can happen literally over night.

Matrixing is a system of logic which lays open the martial arts, and makes them easier to understand, easier to apply, easiesr to learn.

Sure, there’s still got to be some knuckle time, but, overall, it is actually possible to earn a black belt in a few months, with full benefits, with increased intention, with all the advantages of speed and strength that go with the three or four year black belt program.

Oddly, the only thing that stands in the way of implementing this program society wide is overcoming the inertia of the old programs.

Heck, the old programs work, they are steady and sure, so why not stick to them?

Because there is a better way.

Actually, with Matrixing you see more, you make more connections, you get even smarter than the old ways. Well, I’ve said my piece.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t lead him with a stick. You can, however, ┬ábeat him with a carrot. And you can make a martial artist smarter faster with Matrix Martial Arts.

smart martial art



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