Everything You Wanted To Know about Martial Arts Kicks!

There are pivotal moments
in everybody’s life.
My pivotal moments came
when I earned my black belt.
I went through a tremendous number of interesting experiences.
I had visions,
learned things,
my world just changed.
kung fu kickOne of the things that happened
that really tweaked me
had to do with kicks.
At the Kang Duk Won
we practiced kicks a lot.
We started class
with hundreds of kicks,
just for the warm up.
The bag in the back
was taken down every few months
just because somebody kicked a hole in it.
You could feel the whole building shake
when somebody started bouncing that bag
on the end of his foot.
Kicks are good.
So one day we were freestyling.
I was first brown,
going into the changes at Black Belt
and the second instructor was in charge.
He decided to have me fight two guys.
This wasn’t normally done,
the head instructor
kept a tight rein on us,
made sure we stayed on the way.
here I was,
fighting two guys.
So one jumped in and grabbed my arm,
and the other one started hitting me.
I couldn’t block,
my ribs were getting pummeled,
it was all out of control,
I felt this big weight in my foot.
It was like somebody had tried to stuff a car in my shoe,
except I wasn’t wearing shoes.
Then I vaguely remembered
looking at my leg.
What was I doing?
I was doing a side kick.
And then I came back to myself.
I was actually sort of dazed,
and I realized
that I had been out of my body.
Sort of unconscious,
not really understanding what had happened.
I remembered kicking,
and the guy who had been pummeling my ribs
was lying in a heap
on the side of the room
some twelve feet away.
I had kicked him.
Except that I hadn’t kicked him.
I had
And he had flown  twelve feet through the air.
he wasn’t hurt.
Just bent a little,
had trouble breathing,
but nothing was broken.
I have practiced kicks for forty years
trying to figure out
how to do that again.
I can break ribs,
but I can’t move a guy twelve feet
without breaking ribs.
Interesting problem,
But the point of it all is this:
that is classical power!
That is the power somebody has
when they do the classical forms.
So I practice classical forms.
A lot.
Of course,
I’ve changed things a little,
done a lot of Matrixing,
but I always try to point out what I’ve changed,
and why.
At any rate,
the thing that I discovered
after many years
is that it is not more power that I need,
but less.
I can get back of my head pretty easily these days,
and I can KICK,
but my best kicks are gentle little things.
The more gentle I get,
the more KICK there is.
That’s the classical power,
when you finally figure it all out
you realize that it is not how much you kick,
but how little.
You just have to coordinate your body
so that intention comes out.
Pretty easy,
but nobody talks about it,
nobody really understands it
they just keep doing forms,
searching for violence,
and not realizing the truth.
you can find all sorts of writings
by the old masters
that back me up.
Mark Bishop details many of these
in his book.
There are Tai Chi classics,
and so on.
Gichin Funakoshi understood this.
He noted that the forms he had brought to Japan
had been changed,
and he actually passed on the official stuff
of his school
to Shotokai.
Not Shotokan.
Though Shotokan has claim,
they are not the legitimate inheritors of the system.
The Shotokai is.
Go on,
youtube it,
see if you can see some shotokai examples of forms,
compare it with shotokan forms.
Quite interesting.
times have changed yet again,
and you might have to look to find the changes.
Interesting problem.
the point of it all is
learn how to do less,
not more.
if ten guys attack you
are you going to be ten times more powerful?
I think not.
if you fight one tenth the power for each
you might make it.
It will take ten times the intelligence,
but if you study hard,
do your work outs religiously,
you’ll survive.
if you want to look some kicks
I give away a free kicking course,
complete with form and applications
on the Matrix Karate Course.
Here’s the URL
I picked out a couple of wins to share…

No longer do we punch and kick and wait for the skill to come. Now we use concepts and practice our understanding of them, thereby traveling a road directly to skill.

people think that I’m some sort of mystical genius, when I use your Punch & Kick technologies…
if you want some good kicks,
that’s what this newsletter is about.
Lot of data here,
and I hope you use
and have the best work out of your life.
At the end of the work out is the truth,
and the truth is…you.
Have an absolutely incredible day.

try googling this…
‘Karate Kick Harder with These Seven Simple Tips’
Battle is an orgy of disorder.

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