Learn Martial Arts Or Else!

Learn Martial Arts Or Else!

Learn Martial Arts or else, eh? Sounds grim.

Well, the tale is that I went to the post office. Nobody there except one, lone girl. She was a slender thing, intelligent face. Put a smile on her face and she could be in Hollywood. Put a frown on her face and she’s nobody.

martial arts strong

Put up your mitts and...GRIN!

And here’s the point: I remember being that young. I remember life being a thrill, and I wanted it to stay a thrill. Furthermore, I remember being that young and…healthy. I wanted to stay healthy. So I studied martial arts.

Sure, in the beginning there was probably some fantasy about being able to beat up the bad guys, but I got into a real martial art and learned that that wasn’t correct thinking.

And, in the end, I ended up healthy, and I ended up with a smile on my face.

Not a frown.

And here was this girl, young and healthy, looking forward to the rest of life…with a frown.

All she to do is take a martial arts class! Learn how to use her body! Learn how to use her mind! Instead…she wants to be grumpy.

So here’s the key. The universe is a mirror. It reacts to the thoughts we have. Grumpy thoughts = sour life. Happy thoughts = happy life. It is that simple.

That grumpy girl is going to end up a sour maid, old and wasted, bitter and sure that the world is against here. And…it is. The world is against her because she thought it was, and so it was. It mirrored her innermost thoughts.

So the universe is a mirror, and we are the only thing able to ‘swirl the waters’ of that mirror. Want to make it swirl faster? Really make the world cook and go the way you want it to? All you have to do is get other people to help you swirl it. And, here’s that key again, you smile at somebody, get them to smile, and you now have two people making the world happy for you, swirling the mirror, making life work the way you want it.

So smile at another person, and another, and within a short time you have a tribe of grinning fools, all making your life better and better.

Now, deserve that responsibility, deserve their good wishes, lest you lose them.

As for me, I decided the best way to contribute to that ever growing smile of mankind was to teach martial arts. Help people be young and healthy–help them learn how to ‘swirl the mirror.’ I decided to help people learn martial arts.

learn martial arts

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