Karate Chop Is Not The Deadliest Weapon In All of Karate

Karate Chop…Is It the Best Karate Tool for Killing Attackers?

Karate chop him, yelled the girl, and I laughed. This was a movie where neither the actor, the writer, the director, not nobody, knew the martial arts. See, people used to think that a karate chop to the neck would kill people outright, of course, this was a while ago.

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What Can You Really Do with Martial Arts Chi Power?

When I first began studying Chinese Kenpo Karate I was told that a spear hand to the solar plexus or the neck was the deadliest martial arts attack on earth. Just stick those stiff fingers in the soft areas and watch ’em die. This was better than a karate chop, but only by a little.

Then I heard about the Dim Muk, or Death Touch. You touch somebody on a spot somewhere on the body and they drop dead at a precise time. Of course, it would take twenty years to master the Chi Power, memorize the points of the body and times they were vulnerable, and by that time I’d be old and too slow to do such a thing.

One day a fellow was walking past my Karate instructor with a piece of thin particle board. He suddenly stopped, grinned, and braced the board. Break this, he asked my karate instructor.

My instructor’s name was Bob Babich, and he was a short, thin fellow. Given the target, he dropped his weight, twisted his hips, and snapped a single finger out. A single finger, and when he withdrew it, there was a nice, neat, little hole in the particle board.

Many people think I am telling tales when I repeat this story, but the fact is that the single finger trick could be done by no less than fifty people on the Island of Taiwan back in the fifties. Many of the kung Fu masters from across China had gone to that little country to escape communism, and they were able to do things. Unfortunately, there were not enough students, the gene pool was not as large as China, after all, and the single finger trick has pretty well disappeared.

One of the martial artists who could almost do the single finger technique was Bruce Lee. He could stab a finger in a soda (beer) can and leave a hole, and this was back in the day before cans were made of aluminum. He was a fantastic martial artist, and one wonders whether he would have mastered the single finger trick if his life hadn’t been cut short.

At any rate, when students ask me what the deadliest karate trick is I tell them about the single finger. It is not a story, it is the result of real and dedicated training in the martial arts, and that includes karate, kung fu, or any other legitimate martial art that has stood the test of time. And, as for the karate chop, that is a good karate technique, but it is only the first step.

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