Karate Graphics Weren’t Always So Great!

Karate Graphics from the Ground Up!

Karate graphics weren’t always so great. Mind you, my first efforts at graphics were black and white photos, which I had developed at little drive through places for ten cents a pic back in the 1960s. I would trim these pictures with scissors and use Emler’s glue to make my first karate articles and karate books. Back int he caveman days of computer.

karate technique 3Eventually color came along, and got cheaper than black and white. Who would have suspected that that would have happened! Along about that time I bought a square of plastic and used an exact knife to make sure all the illustrations were uniform.

Computers were such an incredible invention. I put away my Sears Selectric (don’t even know what that is, do you? It’s an electric typewriter!)  and got a word processor. I could save 30 pages to a floppy. Took ten floppies for me to write any kind of a book, and I had to leave spaces in the text for the pics to be pasted.

Then came my first apple, and this thing called Appleworks. I used this program to draw people, one line at a time.  Hundreds of figures later, I had a book, complete with forms, applications, everything. It was so-o-o cutting edge. Didn’t even have to smell glue. It was my first experience making real karate graphics.

Now, graphics programs came and went, but I always remember this first one, probably because I learned so much about the human body.

The book I wrote with this appleworks karate graphics thingy is called ‘Buddha Crane Karate.’ It was also one of my first efforts at using the material in the Create Your Own Art Course (MonsterMartialArts<dot>com), and it was a roaring success. Odddly, I rarely mention it, let alone push it, and yet I should. People are usually blown away by the simple things I am expressing in that book. After all, it was also cutting edge matrixing.

Anyway, I added a page to LearnKarateOnline(dot)net with a technique from that book. I will eventually offer the book. But here’s some cutting edge karate graphics for you.

free martial arts book

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