Classical Karate Forms Contain More Power than the New Forms

That Classical Karate forms have more power than the forms you see today is obvious. The problem, of course, is that not many people have seen the old forms.

I know, that karate master said the forms (Karate Kata) have never been changed, but I was practicing karate back in the sixties, and I can tell you that they have changed.

I would go to Karate tournaments and see people from different schools doing the same forms I practiced in my school. They were not very different. A twist of the wrist here, a slant of the stance there, but the forms were pretty much the same.

Over the years I have recorded the various forms I learned. If I make a change it is small, but noted, so that people can choose between wheat I offer, and what I originally learned. The student, after all, should have the choice of doing the old, or the new. And he should be afforded the reasons for the changes. That’s a real education, after all.

So, why do people change the forms? There are so many reasons, but it is all going to boil down to one simple thing.

The many reasons are easy: guys learns kung fu and slants his art to match these ‘new’ concepts, guy is teaching kids, and has to water stuff down, or, here’s a nasty one, the guy doesn’t understand what he is teaching, so just sort of makes stuff up so he can sound good.

And there are a lot of other reasons: nationalistic fervor, organizational rules, even religion. And this all brings us down to the one reason somebody changes the forms.

He wants to show that he has been, that he has existed.

No, he didn’t create something, but if he changes it slightly, then he can say that he did something, somehow contributed.

Unfortunately, the contributions are all too often not of benefit.

Of course, I could just be an old codger, wanting to crow about how things were so much better when I was young. Grin. Well, check out Learn Karate Online. I’ve got a lot of stuff on that site that deals with Karate the way it used to be, and you can see if the things I am saying about Classical Karate Forms containing more power are real.

karate forms

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