Bubishi Martial Arts Book and a Million Dollars!

Let’s go to the root of the martial arts this newsletter.
Let’s go where the gold and glory guys
fear to tread.
karate book

For something to be true the opposite must also be true

I don’t know how many of you have heard of the Bubishi,

but it is supposed to be the ultimate
when it comes to martial arts books.
The real bible,
or Koran or Tao or whatever.
there were actually two bubishis.
One was the Chinese Wubei Zhi,
which means
Account of Military Arts and Science.
240 chapters in five parts,
probably beats out Von Clausewitz.
The second Bubishi is what we care about.
This is the one that was popular in Okinawa
(and then Japan)
for the last few hundred years.
It has to do with White Crane and Monk Fist boxing.
Has everything
from poetry to anatomical diagrams,
covering all points,
it is probably a collection of writing,
put together by some fellow or fellows
who lived in the Fukien province,
which is where the type of Shaolin was practiced
which became Naha-te,
which became Karate.
here is the bible of Karate.
When I first read it,
I wasn’t too impressed.
Time had to work its wonders on me,
now I’m pretty impressed.
I would like to think
that I have grown enough in understanding
to perceive the glory.
to put it another way,
I ain’t so stupid anymore.
One can hope,
the book being rather extensive and profound,
I only want to deal with one part,
the Kempo Hakku.
Kempo Hakku are the eight lines that inspired Goju Ryu,
are somewhat connected with Uechi Ryu,
Kempo Hakku translates rather loosely as
‘The Eight Laws of the Fist.’
So let’s go through these eight Laws.
But with a Matrixed viewpoint.
‘The mind is one with heaven and earth.’
One recognizes that there is Spirit and Matter.
‘The circulatory rhythm of the body is similar to the cycle of the sun and the moon.’
The body is a machine.
‘The way of inhaling and exhaling is both hard and soft.’
Breath out when the body expands,
breath in when the body contracts.
‘Act in accordance with time and change.’
Adapt to the changes of the universe by changing.
‘Techniques will occur in the absence of conscious thought.’
Train until you are intuitive.
‘The feet must advance and retreat, separate and meet.’
Control distance and you control the fight (can create harmony).
‘The eyes do not miss even the slightest change.’
Don’t blink your awareness.
‘The ears listen well in all directions.’
Don’t rely on physical senses alone.
There are,
of course,
many ways to take this Kempo Hakku.
even using Matrixing as a lens,
there are many interpretations.
we are dealing with interpretations of interpretations,
when you get right down to it.
But the point is this,
the world actually isn’t a confusing mish mash of politics and idiocy.
The whole universe can be condensed down to a few simple principles.
Let me give a totally matrixed viewpoint here.
Mind you,
it may appear that we are leaving the martial arts,
but we aren’t,
as you will see afterwards.
I am.
The universe is a machine.
The universe is a mirror.
The body is a machine.
The body is a mirror for the mind.
The mind is a machine.
The mind is a mirror for the spirit.
Don’t hide in the mind.
The reason we aren’t leaving the martial arts
is because martial arts inspired this
and martial arts are the only method
by which one can accomplish the fact of
not hiding in the mind.
they have worked for thousands of years.
Not to enable people to beat up people,
to enable people to find out the truth about themselves.
Make a strong body,
become aware of who you are,
discover your intuitive abilities,
make the world a better place.
Martial Artists are more honest,
they are happier,
they work harder,
they have a sense of themselves.
These things can’t be said for people who don’t study the martial arts.
I thought an actual study of what is at the heart of the art
would be a great way to welcome the new year.
I would be remiss
not to encourage you to get there faster.
To understand the martial arts faster,
to understand them completely,
one should do The Master Instructor Course.
And here is something interesting…
did you know that in the true martial arts
there are no styles,
no differences of interpretations.
Everybody has to build their stances the same way,
put their arms at exact and certain angles,
move in certain ways,
and there is no other way!
This is an absolute.
This is a science.
This is perfection of form
and perfection of technique,
and there is no other way.
Want to know why the feet should not be splayed in the goju stance?
Here’s why.
Want to know the exact and only way to use the hips?
Here’s why.
Want to know how to make any technique in the world work?
Here’s how.
This is an all embracing course,
it includes all martial arts,
fixes all martial arts,
makes all martial arts work.
Doing this course will answer every single question you might ever have
about the construction and motion of the martial arts.
I’ll give you a million dollars
if you can prove me wrong.
Of course,
I don’t have a million dollars,
but nobody can prove me wrong.
guys and gals,
you have a great year of work outs
and I’ll talk to you later.
 free martial arts book

1 thought on “Bubishi Martial Arts Book and a Million Dollars!

  1. Kenpo Karate

    Wow, that really does sound like a holy book of sorts. It must have much wisdom to share for all martial artists out there. Thank you for sharing this; I’ve never heard of Bubishi.


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