Karate Punch, Taekwondo Punch, Kenpo Punch…What’s the Difference?

Hi guys, I loaded up on keywords in the title, because I’m going to give you a bunch of interesting places to go. I can’t give links because wordpress has limits on their free blogs. However, I can give you the titles, and a simple google will take you to any article that looks like it is for you.

I published this one today…

The Karate Punch…Which of the Two Punches is Better?

Here are three others…

Five Steps to Make a Hard PunchLearnKarate Online

Why a Karate Strike is the Hardest Strike!

Hitting Harder and Faster the Scientific Way!

These articles should do the trick if you want a harder punch, no matter what martial art you study.

If you want more,…heck, if you want it all!..drop by Monster Martial Arts and check out The Punch. I can give you the link for that.


Have a great work out, and a great Karate punch, or taekwondo punch, or keno punch, or…grin.


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