The Real Reason Martial Arts At Fault For Decline Of America!

That Martial Arts are the cause of America’s woes is obvious. The lack of martial art training results in a lack of personal discipline, a lack of self worth, and the decline of the individual. This, correspondingly, results in the decline of America.

learn karate onlineNow, we can carry on about the corporations, the president being a Marxist, the unions trying to get something for nothing, and while there is going to be a certain amount of truth there, the personal responsibility for change is still going to fall upon the individual. The terrible truth, you see, is that more than 1 out of every 10 Americans over the age of twelve is on prescription drugs for depression. This is not individual responsibility, this is band aids for broken legs.

These meds are doctor prescribed antidepressants like prozac, and there has been a direct link established between such drugs and suicide. How many people commit suicide because of the martial arts? Not too many.

So instead of ingesting tablets when they get depressed, Americans should be signing up for that tai chi class, or going to a self defense class, or sweating a little to learn a karate form. Instead of believing in the drug companies and following the orders of the family medical quack. Wouldn’t it be better to learn some ancient and diehard kung fu, get interested in a foreign culture, find out something out about your real self?

Heck, the family quack is trained in medicine, not mental disorders. And psychiatry isn’t really a science. And even if these facts weren’t so, a whopping 1 in 4 people are misdiagnosed with depression!

The real cure for this mental health depression stuff is actually pretty easy. The real cure has to do with improving the lifestyle, eating good foods, getting enough sleep, and learning how to deal with problems. These solutions are what a martial artist naturally gravitates to in his training, and this brings us to the magic three answers to creating real mental health.

Number one, avoid modified (genetically and otherwise) foods, and, to be exact, all processed foods. Number two, do some body cleanses to get rid of the toxins already in your body. Number three, use such things as Karate or Kung Fu or Taekwondo to exercise your body into top shape, and keep it in top shape.

Heck, the bottom line is that drugs are band aids, and the real wounds fester beneath, actually causing the individual’s condition to worsen. Martial Arts, however, cause good health, create individual responsibility, and make a wholistic and healthy human being. It is lack of martial arts that is responsible for the decline of America, and that’s the honest truth!

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2 thoughts on “The Real Reason Martial Arts At Fault For Decline Of America!

  1. Kenpo Karate

    Nice post! I agree; i think most people would be happier getting out of their comfort zones and trying something new. Martial arts is a good place to find meaning and learn new skills. But exercise in general helps people feel good about themselves. And I also think that children really need to search more on the inside instead of trying to see what’s on tv.

  2. graxinha negin

    Beautiful article! I also believe that the mma sensation has made ALOT of people forget or even neglect to think about the holistic value of martial arts. I am an avid mma fan and am not bad mouthing it, most of those guys(ufc fighters) understand this. But the general and perhaps specific to the American public there is too much catering to ego and hyper-aggression. I practice capoeira(11 years) and boxing(5) and too often I am confronted with questions about the effectiveness in a fight and never about how the arts can be used to better oneself or community and it really has allowed me a larger perspective of how gegueneral society operates. I would love to continue a dialogue with you if you have time. oh yeah, check out capoeira Eugene on you tube, I am the little guy with dreads.


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