How to Learn Karate By Reversing The Matrix of your Martial Arts

There are many ways to learn Karate or to learn kung fu, or to learn any martial art. For the most part, however, most of these methods work in limited ways. There is one method, however, that can be used in any martial art, and drives the learning curve out the roof.

learn karate onlineMost methods, you see, are based on monkey see monkey do, which is pretty much the oldest, and most inefficient, martial arts training method in existence, in history, and ever. The modern, state of the art method for learning a martial art is matrixing. No offense, but if you live in some backwoods place and haven’t heard of matrixing, you could probably do a quick google on matrix karate, or matrix kung fu, and find out what it is.

At any rate, there are some rather simple methods one can use if one decides to learn by Karate videos, learn Aikido online, or whatever. The first method, though it is basically monkey see monkey do, is to learn a form or martial arts kata. The real learning procedure starts, however, when one realizes that they can practice the form facing in any of the four cardinal directions.

One faces in a certain direction when learning a form, gets used to the direction, even uses key things in the environment to orient oneself. So to start facing east instead of west is actually a good thing. One quickly outgrows the need for environmental cues and starts inputting the form without need for external reference.

A second way to learn forms and self defense techniques is to simply practice them on both sides of the body. Most martial arts students figure this one out pretty quickly in their training. To do kung fu forms, or taekwondo techniques on both the right side and the left side of the body tends to ‘wake up the mind,’ and the student quickly views martial arts moves in new ways.

Karate Side Kick

Learn Karate Online!

The third way of doing martial arts forms is to do them backwards. Do your Karate form backwards-not just the sequence of blocks and strikes backward, but to reverse motion the moves themselves-and you will find the cranial capacity expanding exponentially. Not many people know this one, it is difficult to do, but man…does it work!

Now, we have actually left most martial artists behind with the last trick, and that’s too bad, because it is about to get even better. Once one learns how to write a matrix on a martial art-be it karate or taekwondo or whatever-they think they have opened up wide new vistas of martial arts techniques. They have only scratched the hide of the beast, however, for there are two other methods that one can explore that are simple and easy and yet have profound effect.

First, one can combine matrixes, just as the matrixes use basic techniques, one can use a whole matrix as a base technique, and attach it to another matrix. Second, one can actually flip, or reverse matrixes, and this one uncorks the brain and causes stellar explosions of knowledge. Of course, one has to learn how to write a matrix first, and then do a few of them, but once they have done this they will be able to flip the matrix and learn martial arts faster; they will be able to learn Karate or Kung Fu or any martial art faster than Neo downloads comic books.

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This purpose of this page is to help people learn karate quickly and easily.

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