The Problem with the Martial Arts

As the creator of Matrixing Technology, I think on the problem of the martial arts quite a bit.

Some guy has slanted the martial arts for tournaments, so how do I unslant? Or, to be specific, how do I get people to listen and care that their art has been slanted; how do I get them to learn the unslanted viewpoint. Mind you, I don’t care if they go tournament, but they need to know the principles and reality fo the true art.

Some fellow has a monkey making dojo, and he has contracts and has lengthened the time to black belt. So how do I talk to his students. How do I persuade them, without dissing the instructor, that they have been slanted in a certain direction. How do I get them to put aside the bloated teachings in favor of the true art.

There is an organization, in some cases a whole government, that is passing rules and regulations. Maybe they have good motives–they don’t want little Johnny to get hurt, but what they are doing is cutting the true art into pieces, obscuring the truth of the martial arts, and hiding the light of truth from generations to come. How do I convince people that an organization isn’t the truth? How do I get them to take off the padding and feel the real fist?

And there are so many problems like this, it is fair disheartening.

Yet, there is a true art, and the lust for truth pervades the human soul. Can I talk to that human soul before it is buried under the onslaught of lies that hide the true art?

Interesting problems. Interesting problem.

The tack I have taken, must take, is to appeal to the individual. To pry into the thought process and ask them simple questions. Do you see how your art has been fattened? Corrupted? Changed? Swollen out of recognition and workability?

And, on the other side, are those who make money, who have given themselves over to a style or system and, because they have invested so much of themselves, have become true believers.

But what is a true believer but a man with blinders on? He can see only one path, all others are false.

But the true artist can see not only the true path, but he knows why the others are mere distractions and stop signs and narrow gorges.

Well, that all said, I have faith in people to solve the problem of the martial arts.

martial arts problem

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