The Hard Punch Of Flux Theory Could Be Called An Empty Strike

punch hardIf people really want to know how to punch hard they have to study this thing called Flux Theory. Flux Theory has to do with the flow of energy, and is specific to the martial arts. Except for a few broadly understood concepts, Flux Theory is rarely understood.

The Flow of Energy has two directions, and these would be positive or negative. Of course, this is a matter of viewpoint. For the transfer of energy from one person to the next is a flow and the viewpoint of positive or negative will change depending on who is looking at it.

When energy flows towards somebody it is called positive. When energy flows away from somebody it is called negative. To make the hard punch of Flux Theory one must hit with negative or ’empty’ energy.

What this means is that the fist is flowing towards someone in a positive manner, but the energy is flowing up the arm and away from the fist. I know this sounds like an opposing concept, but it isn’t, it is the idea of learning to relax until the arm is limp, and that while striking. Thus, you are striking somebody with an arm in which the concept of life is no longer there.

I know that sounds bizarre, but it isn’t. The whole notion occurs in your head, you see. You take the consideration of life out of the limb when striking.

What happens is that when you take the consideration for life out of the arm, you make it into an ‘inanimate object.’ Thus, you are not throwing an arm at somebody, you are throwing a ‘stick,’ a lump, a thing with no consideration.

And that means you are striking the other person without consideration. You don’t worry about whether they live or die, you just throw the object of your arm. This works as you become more able to move your awareness back from your head.

The reason this works is because people normally don’t want to hurt other people, so they put energy in the arm so that shock can be absorbed by the arm. Hit, hit, hit…and there is no damage because the arm absorbs it all. When the arm is an empty stick, however, and you have lost the desire to ‘not hurt’ your fellow man, the energy is transmitted purely and the effect on the opponent is the hard punch of Flux Theory.

hard punch

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