Occupy Los Angeles Demands Monster Martial Arts Secrets!

Hordes of unwatched Occupy (insert city of choice) persons have chosen their next target…they want complete disclosure of all Monster Martial Arts Secrets!
Union thugs are bashing at the Monster doors, calling Monster a 1%er just because the owner (Al Case) managed to pay his bills this month!
Buddhist monks are kneeling in his driveway, threatening immolation if the sacred martial arts secrets aren’t revealed forthwith and quickly!
Lesbians are claiming equal rights when it comes to learning how to destroy their fellow man!
People with babies, dogs, cats, and raccoons are chanting seriously, calling for an end to what they call the wanton destructionism of Monster Martial Arts!
Homeless people are demanding that all Monster Martial Arts video courses be released to their personal custody.
“We got rights, too,” stated homeless icon Therbe Greeds. “Just because we don’t have a home to defend doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to learn how to defend, uh, whatever we don’t got, for free, right?”
The owner of Monster Martial Arts, Al Case, could be reached for comment. “I got a garden hose and I got some soap. Bring ’em on!”
As far as allegations that he is hoarding martial arts secret, Mr. Case responded with “Secrets are for those who are willing to work. Put in the time, that’s all I ask. I’m a free believer that it is a constitutional right of the individual to learn the best martial arts in the world.”
Oddly, it has been noted that there are some similarities between Mr. Case and the Occupy Gang. Both the Occupy movement and the Monster company appeal to large numbers of people. Both entities think there should be transparency. Both agree that Herman Caine should be elected president, and that public should be spanked for judging a man without proof. Both agree that Barack Obama has not done the job he was elected for, that bankers rule the world, that the restrooms in all restaurants should be lock free, and Hillary Clinton should be given the starring role in a movie about Pamela Anderson. Think about.
In summation, while there are good points and bad points to the occupy movement, there are only good points when it comes to Monster Martial Arts. All homeless, defenseless socialist welfare recipients are encouraged to start a business, make some money, and avail themselves of the Monster Martial Arts Secrets.
Visit Monster and learn the Monster Martial Arts Secrets now!


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