Selective Blindness in the Martial Arts, and How to Shut It Off

create martial artWhen it comes to Martial Arts one of the things I find most interesting is blindness.
There is blindness on the mat, in which the guy doesn’t see what is coming. You can fix that with a little matrixing; you can open his eyes right up.
But since I can fix that blindness, it doesn’t hold much interest for me. I understand it, I can fix it, so what.
The type of blindness that does intrigue me is the kind of ‘select blindness.’ This is when people see only what they want to see.
The good side of this is that you can shut out advertisements, ignore the google boxes, that sort of thing.
The bad side of this is that this type of blindness kicks in and shuts a guy’s mind down.
Consider the fellow who tells his mind not to see things, and then the mind stops seeing all sorts of other things, too.
Consider the fellow who sees ‘splash pages’ on the internet, and he quickly gets out of Dodge.
A Splash Page is a one page website consisting of three steps.
One, build affinity, make the guy think your’e like him. Oh, I used to be poor, the girls didn’t like me, the guys on the football team used to bully me.
Two, give him a goal to identify with. He can get rich, get the girl, beat up the bully. Because he likes you (you’re just like him, right?) and because he wants to get rich, get the girl and beat up the bully, he is ready for step three.
Three, send money to PO Box 666 in Iwanalive, NY.
Do you see how cruel this is?
The guy who wrote the website is pandering to the victim in a person, and taking advantage of insecurities.
And, enough times bit, people start going blind on spash pages. I don’t want to go there. I spend money and get nothing. Been there, done that, got poor.
And then he comes across Monster Martial Arts, or one of my other sites, and because he has conditioned himself to shut things out of his mind, he shuts my site out of his mind.
But I am not one page asking for money. I am hundreds of pages, filled with articles and blogs and free offers and…an actual product that works.
The point here is that I write articles like this every once in a while, and for two reasons.
One, I don’t like Splash pages and what they do. They are pretty much scams. The few that do work are so few in number that I support blindness.
Two, so people will actually be able to perceive the vast different between one of my sites and a splash page. So that they will shut off the blindness long enough to actually see my sites, see the difference, realize that there is actually some meat to this Matrix Martial Arts thing; so that I am not a gimmick, but an actual contribution to mankind.
Drop by Monster Martial Arts and check out how many actual pages of worth there are; how many articles, how many graphics, how many well thought out blogs which actually offer information that makes a better human being.

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