Creating Your Own Martial Arts Form

create martial artsIf Michaelangelo did noting but copy works by Leo DaVinci would he still be considered a great artist? Obviously, the answer is no. He would be a copycat. Heck, with the wrong marketing he would be nothing but a forger.
Now, when somebody learns martial arts they are copycatting the techniques, forms, and system of somebody else. So where is the art in that?
To be sure, there does have to be some straight line duplication, for basics are basics…but at what point does the fellow become a martial artist? As opposed to a copycat?
Interesting question, eh?
Some could say that when the person makes the art his own, he becomes an artist, and some could even say one is an artist from the get go because there is an art in duplicating somebody else’s art, or, in the mere doing of the basics.
They would be right, but…the question remains…when does a person start creating his own martial art?Nobody, to this writer’s knowledge, has ever put together a course telling somebody how to be an artist. Even in things non martial arts, there is concern with brush stroke, but there is no focus upon the actual fact of creation.
Creation is the breakdown and synthesis of the old into the new. So what is the method? What is the procedure for making this happen, for enabling a person to do this.
Heck, most people don’t even know how to break an art down, let alone put it together.
Interestingly, there are a set of ‘rules’ to follow. If one follows these steps one can break down a martial art, and then reassemble it…and the reassembly should be more efficient, easier to learn, better on the street, and etc., than the original art.
Of course, this will all depend on the student, but it is possible to create your own martial arts form, techniques, style, and so on.
If you want to take a look at the rules for this procedure, check out Create Your Own Art at Monster Martial Arts.

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