Five Martial Arts News Headlines Indicate Society Crumbling!

learn karate onlineIf you want some Martial Arts News, just look at the following headlines.

2 Arrested, 1 Sought in 7-11 Robberies
Argument with Wife Ends in Mans Arrest
Bank Robbed
Damage to Vehicle Leads to Mans Arrest
Man Evades Capture, but is Arrested Later!

I found these headlines with exactly one click of the mouse.
So, you want to tell me that you don’t have to learn how to defend yourself?
Let’s consider the above headlines one by one.
Do you know enough Karate to handle a robbery attempt at your place of business?
Do you have the calm of mind that Kung Fu brings, that you won’t let an argument with your wife or girlfriend get out of control?
Do you know enough Brazilian Jujitsu to take down an armed bank robber?
Do you have the quick reflexes that a study of the martial arts brings, that you can avoid accidents?
Do you live in a society where people are being arrested daily for their crimes?

Do you get the point here?
While people are stockpiling food, buying water purifiers, making sure that they have weapons to use in the event that society crumbles, they are normally missing one monstrous point: self defense starts with a calm mind, a healthy body, and a study of actual self defense scenarios.
And the martial arts provides a wealth of survival scenarios. Practice the forms and you are immediately immersed in survival motions.
And, it is more than just beating people up.
In the event that society crumbles, what will enable people to live through the chaos is the calm, cool, collected mind set that a study of the martial arts brings.
So, when next you head to the store for another crate of bottled water to put in your bomb shelter, remember that you are going to have to stay healthy and smart. So pick up a martial arts DIY manual.
When next you pass scour through the ads for a gun, check out the martial arts training books.
Such a small thing, yet, considering the martial arts news headlines these days, it may be the smartest thing you could do.

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