A List Of Jackie Chan Stunts In Which He Nearly Bought the Farm!

Martial Arts Action Hero Jackie Chan!

In the list of Jackie Chan stunts the star has come close to death more times than you can count. Still, he keeps going, making some of the best martial arts movies in the history of cinema. Here are seven Jackie Chan Films in which he nearly died, or at least suffered serious injuries.

One of his early starring efforts was a movie called Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. During the filming of this movie he failed to evade a sword which should have had a blunt edge. The result was a thick spray of his blood, and the screams you hear in the scene are of his real and actual pain.

In the filming of Police Story he was almost paralyzed. He slid down a pole in one action packed sequence, exploding all the lights and ripping electrical wires and falling through a glass cover. In this scene he broke the seventh and eighth vertebra in his backbone, and severely dislocated his hip.

During the making of Crime Story Jackie had a scene in which he was between two cars which were coming together. Either his timing, or the drivers’ of the cars timing was not quite what it should have been. The sequence resulted in one Jackie Chan Stunt with two crushed legs.

He has injured his knees more times than he can count, and doubts that he has much cartilage remaining in them. One of the worst knee injuries he ever suffered was during a skateboard scene. The film was named City Hunter.

One of his most famous injuries was while filming a scene while filming Rumble in the Bronx. He leaped and broke his ankle when attempting to land on a moving hovercraft. You can see, if you look carefully, the cast they put on his leg so he could keep filming.

He nearly broke his neck during Project A. In this scene he fell from a clock tower, bounced from awning to awning, before landing on his head on the ground. You can see this scene, and other out takes, at the end of the movie.

The worst injury he ever suffered, however, was on the set of Armour of God. He leaped from a high wall to a tree, missed the limb he was aiming for, and bashed his head on the ground. The star is a trooper however, for within two days of nearly dying from a broken skull and hemorrhaging brain, he was back on the set filming more of his incredible Jackie Chan Stunts.

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