Yang Tai Chi Chuan and the Five Rules for Creating an Energy Body

Tai Chi Chuan builds a different body that is termed an energy body. This is true for Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Wu Tai Chi Chuan, or whatever type of Taiji you study. This is assuming you are following certain guidelines having to do with the energy anatomy.

yang tai chiFirst, of course, one must sink the body weight. But, really, it is not just sinking; you must close your eyes and course your awareness down through the feet. This will enable you to connect a tractor beam to the planet.

Second, you must shift the weight, then turn the hips. This is the practice of doing one thing at a time, and therefore focusing all your energies on one thing at a time. This will ensure that you are not split in your intentions.

Third, you must hold unbendable arms throughout all postures. There will be a slight in and out of the arms, a slight wave of the arms, which will pulse energy. Unbendable arms require and build on pure energy.

Fourth, you must pulse not just the arms, but the whole body. Start with the legs, go through the waist, and then pulse the arms. Do it in sequence, and learn how to push energy through your body.

Fifth, you must relax. Relaxation is the most important item here, as energy will flow easiest through that which is relaxed. And, this will lead you to higher martial arts, for relaxation creates an emptiness within the body through which awareness will flow.

These are actually the rules for all internal styles. Do these five things with Pa Kua Chang, or Hsing i, or that esoteric form of six immortal chi gung, and your body will become more than flesh. It will transmute into a power body, a kinetic energy body, and it will become capable of feats far beyond the simple physical cultist.

The key here is to believe that you are more than flesh, that you are spirit, and that there is a link between the flesh and the spirit. That link is the energy body, and that link can be forged through the five rules listed here. That and a competent and patient practice of such arts as Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Chen Tai Chi Chuan, and other internal styles.

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