To Learn Martial Arts There Are Three Things You Need To Know

To learn the martial arts you need to learn three distinct things. You will find these things in every legitimate martial art. If you don’t, then the fighting discipline you are studying may not be a real art.

learn martial arts The first thing to be learned are forms. There are people who look down on forms, deride them as mere dances, and that sort of thing. The truth of the matter, however, is that forms contain all the tricks and techniques, and they provide a learning platform which not only leads one to learn how to fight, but far beyond.

When doing a form one learns how to have a stable stance, and that is the moving platform you will be using to deliver powerful self defense techniques. By doing martial arts forms you will practicing relaxing, and learn that relaxing creates power. Lastly, every time you do a form you are making your body more powerful, even as you practice fighting techniques.

The second thing to be learned has to do with the self defense techniques themselves. Self defense tricks teach one how to move the body, how to set up for action, how to stay calm in the middle of the fight. The thing to remember is that every time you do a self defense technique you are doing a miniature kata.

Now, techniques aren’t totally street oriented, and one may have to alter them to use them in a street fight. However, the classical power you have developed will come out in your street defenses. Your punches and kicks will draw on that classical martial arts power that occurs with traditional methods.

The third thing to be learned is freestyle itself, and this is where everything comes into play. This is where you get to try to try out the tricks, and tap into that classical power you have been building. Remember, freestyle training is as close as you can get to the chaos that happens in a fight.

When freestyling you must learn how to control yourself, and not be a danger to your partner, and yet build the ability to inflict great damage should you wish. This is a difficult thing to learn, but it is at the real arts. Anybody can learn how to fight, but only a real artist can learn how to control himself in the middle of a fight.

In closing, one can learn how to fight easily, but that is not the point of it all. What is important is to test yourself, strive to expand yourself, and learn how not to be a fighting animal, but a human being with great powers on tap. This is the real reason one should learn Martial Arts.

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2 thoughts on “To Learn Martial Arts There Are Three Things You Need To Know

  1. Chuck Dixon

    When I was doing Tai chi chuan, I wanted to be a good fighter. So I did a lot of pushing hands. I asked my tai chi instructor if he would teach a lot more pushing hands. His comment was that if I wanted to get better at pushing hands do a lot of slow set. I didn’t believe him. Later when I started doing 2 hours of slow set a day, I was so much better. It was like the difference between night and day.

    1. alcase Post author

      Forms are the key, and of any art. Learn forms and you learn to control, that is better than just learning to destroy.


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