Kung Fu Instructor Beats up Old Man!

How cruel, eh? A Kung Fu Instructor beating up an old man! Guy ought to be taken out and shot! Unless, of course, the Kung fu teacher happens to be me.
I was pumping gas at a station and this old guy comes along. He’s got a cane, he’s overweight, but he is thick, like he actually has muscle under the fat. what was worse, he was wearing camo! I mean, should old people wear camo? I don’t think so!
Except for that observation, I didn’t think too much on the guy. Went ahead and pumped my gas, and I was thinking back over the years.
I remember a guy who I saw on the street, challenged me with a look. That was some thirty years ago.
And, I remembered being a student, thinking about this new thing I was learning called Kenpo. And then, for some reason, I started thinking about how, when I was first learning martial arts, I would fantasize what I would do if I had to fight somebody.
I wouldthink about their shape, whether they wrestled or had a weapon, what my opening move would be.
And, thinking of those long ago times, I walked into the gas station to pay.
Old guy in camo wasin front of me.
I studied his body carefully. Large, probably ex-military, probably knew some stuff, but the way he was coughing–as he ordered cigarettes–told me that his prime was past.
And, grinning inside, I started that old exercise of evaluating an opponent.
I would kick his cane to the side and slam a foot in his groin. When he started to bend I would throw a haymaker to the side of his head, then I would move in with a knee, make that big gut of his explode in pain!
Then, the old guy finished paying for his cigs and left.
And I was left with my fantasy. Grinning like a fool. The kid behind the counter probably though I was daffy. And he probably wouldn’t have understood even if I told him what I had been thinking.
Anyway, it wouldn’t have been much of a fight. Even though the camo guy was younger than me (did I forget to mention that? Grin) he had let his life slid into the crapper. Wheezing, coughing, struggling along on a cane. All that good old muscle of his was worth nothing, it was just a backpack full of rocks, and he was walking uphill.
And me? I sauntered out of the gas station, hopped in the truck, and went home…to work out and stay young. Cause that’s what a kung fu instructor does! Yeehaw!free martial arts online

1 thought on “Kung Fu Instructor Beats up Old Man!

  1. Pete Dwan

    I can say this is definatly my favorite story of yours Al.I use to do the same thing years ago when i lived in a really rough area.Almost everyone that walked past me i would way up and have a plan of attack if they ever thought to mug me ect.Id forgoten all about this and have just decided to play this game again after reading your story !
    Thanks Al


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