Three Ways to Make a Harder Martial Arts Kick!

I don’t care what art your martial arts kick is form, whether it is a karate kick, a taekwondo kick, or a kung fu kick, these three principles will make it much more efficient. Check out the snippet, then I’ll tell you about the three things.

First, get the knee high before you kick. Break it down to lifting the knee, extending the foot, retracting the foot (to the high knee position). Take your time and work on these parts, then let them come together naturally. The point here is that you will be shooting the foot in straight, not arcing up and then in, but shooting straight.
Second, turn the hips slightly into the kick. This means you must turn the body slightly, from support foot to knee to hip, but you must also tilt the hips slightly upward. The hips are the cornerstone of the body, and by committing them to the action you are putting more body into the action.
Three, and this one is the toughy, sink your weight when you kick.
Many people raise themselves up, straightening the support leg, but this is the wrong way to go. You must bend the knee, sink the weight, and connect the body better to the ground. It may take a while for this method to have effect, but eventually you will start putting a lot more energy into the kick. I know it feels good and powerful to just explode it out there, but if you straighten the support leg you are throwing yourself upwards, hurting your connection to the earth, and not creating as much energy as you can.
Now, as I said before, break the kick down to pieces. Examine each piece, examine the knee, the tilt of the hip, the turn of the foot, and most of all, the sinking of weight. Guaranteed, whether you are doing a Karate kick, a taekwondo kick,or a kung fu kick, the end result will be a martial arts kick that can knock over an elephant!

monster martial arts

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