A Need for a Realistic Dog Kung Fu Style

Actually, I’m not talking about Dishu Quan, which is the Dog Kung Fu Style in China, I’m talking about simple and real self defense against a dog attack.I’ll talk about Ishu Quan at some later time. right now I want to say that…I’ve been bitten by dogs three or four times. A couple of the bites were nips, nothing to them, except the wait to find out if I had rabies. The other two times were bad.

being attack by a dog

Mitus, the author's dog

One, I was a kid and I was riding my bicycle and a weimaraner knocked me off the bike and tore up my leg. Wasn’t too bad, so maybe the dog was confused by all my screaming and crying. Yeah, right.
The other time I was about twenty-two and I went to separate two dogs that were fighting, one of which was mine. I lifted them both up, and then fell right smack between them. My own German Shepherd, in the heat of the moment, tore open my side. Oh well.
Anyway, the point of this is that humans don’t have teeth, so they have to have better methods for defending against dogs.
And, I should ssay that this is not a be cruel to animals blog. I love dogs. But, if you ever run up against a Cujo style mutt, you may need to draw on what I say here.
First, ascertain whether the hound is going low or high. You can actually guide the dog a bit by leaving the target exposed or vulnerable. If he goes low, smash across his neck with a fist as hard as you can. This is dangerous, because you are going in range of his teeth.
It might be a good idea, because of this, to try and mislead the dog to attacking your extended to one side arm, and then sliding in the other side for an advantage. Maybe you can hit or kick before he can recover form his position.
Second, if you can get him to go high, there is always the foot or the knee to the body. Deliver it with great force. If you can, grab a paw and start swinging the dog. This is hard, but I’m just throwing out ideas.
Lastly, one thing rover doesn’t like is being attacked in his mouth. I hear some guys saying that when a mutt opens his mouth to bite, you reach in and burrow deep and grab tongue and whatever and cause pain. Well, maybe. Sounds a bit like an urban legend. Wouldn’t want to try it.
However, once I was delivering newspapers and a dog tried to pull me off my bicycle. I had had a time to think about that first attack, and I ended up stomping the dog, literally kicking out his teeth. I didn’t kick, because he would have grabbed the ankle. I stomped, because the sole of my shoe would offer some protection. And it did.
Anyway, looking back over this column, I’m not entirely happy with it. I don’t like recommending cruelty to animals, but remember, this is advice when you are being attacked by a dog, and you need to protect yourself, or your loved ones. And, maybe it won’t do to call what I’ve recommended here as a dog kung fu style, but hopefully it will save your life.
monster martial arts

2 thoughts on “A Need for a Realistic Dog Kung Fu Style

  1. CSPS Online

    I have given a fair bit of thought to this in the past, because as a child I used to be terrified of dogs. As you said, stomping is key, as the length of the foot is too wide for their jaws to open. This would also surely apply to jab kicks (sometimes called front kicks – the kind that move outwards/forwards, toes-up, not the kind that rises and kicks with the laces, just to clarify). As such, I wouldn’t recommend side kicks, as the width of the foot would be easy to bite for medium to large dogs. Funny as it may sound, in a dream that involved fighting off a wolf (don’t ask…) a hook kick to the side of their head/neck seemed very effective if you can manage it fast enough, and after some thought this seems potentially viable, however there is a chance of the dog biting your shin. On the other hand, the angle it would have to bite at would be extremely awkward for their neck, as the low Thai style of hook kicking would be at an angle to the floor, not parallel to it at all, so it may be worth some thought.

    If it got really nasty (on the floor or something horrible, not that unrealistic if it’s tearing at your legs…) and you somehow managed it, I’ve considered a rear naked choke viable – just depends if you can get it on quickly enough so that it can’t slip its jaws around your inner forearm, elbow or wrist! If you can get a decent lock on it though, it should be helpless, as its elongated jaws aren’t as easy to slip onto a strangling arm as ours are, and its legs are (I think anyway…) incapable of scratching at you behind its head. It could perhaps scratch at your arm, but if you’re choking then the inside of it would be protected anyway, so it’d only be tissue damage. Meanwhile, it’d be choked so all would be well.

    Just a couple of thoughts anyway. I’d want to even out its advantage in teeth and claws with a weapon as quick as possible though – a stick or hammer would be great.

    I should probably say that I love dogs too, a lot! It’s well worth a good think about though, especially with some crims using dogs to attack with these days…

    1. CSPS Online

      Second comment, sorry – forgot to say these:
      – I wouldn’t recommend reaching into a dog’s mouth! If you cause it pain, it’s likely to bite instinctively, and also likely to bite anyway!
      – Dogs’ noses are very sensitive, I’ve heard. Jab kicking that would be great, also large striking surface area, unbiteable weapons (like a saucepan or something, I dunno…) would be good for that.
      – Grabbing the leg like that’s a really good idea actually, thinking about it. What do you think about the tail? Would that be viable, or likely to break too easily? I don’t know.

      Sorry for double-posting, and sorry for the essay! haha


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