Martial Arts Classes and Surviving a Mob!

Interestingly enough, it was during my martial arts classes that I learned how to survive mobs.
I went to a dirty, dingy school in San Jose. Karate hadn’t gone big time yet, and we still learned in hole in the walls. No big mirrors, now windows, no designer water breaks in the middle of class.
The room was maybe twenty feet long, maybe 15 feet wide. And you had to be careful of the chairs at one end, and the boxes of sand at the other. On one side there were planks lining the walk back to the dressing room, and the other side…ah, a wall. Just a wall.
Anyway, we would get twenty or thirty guys in that space. Big guys. And some of these guys were rough. I would have a Gypsy Joker on the right, a Hells Angel on the left, and when we went through forms as a group, let me tell you I watched where I put my big clodhoppers. Can you imagine the gore and splatter if I tripped over one of those big, hairy, beefed up SOBs?
Oddly, I was surprised to find out, one day during a conversation in the dressing room, that they were trying to be careful where they were putting their big feet!
So we would run through the basic forms, then start the classic Pinans (Heian) forms. The guys in the back row were beginners, and they were safe with their Pinan One routine. The guys in the front, however, were doing twists and jumps, flying through the air, and…maybe it wasn’t that safe after all in the back.
But we learned, and we learned well. If there was a trip, it was rare, and an accepted accident. Nobody got pissed, nobody cared, we all just kept going, feeding the room with energy, building ourselves up as a group as well as individuals.
Still, those were hard karate classes…yet I know that if I am caught by a mob running down the street, overturning cars and smashing buildings, I won’t step on anyone’s feet.
monster martial arts


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