Going Beyond Physics With Martial Arts Chi Power

When it comes to Martial Arts Chi Power, there is an entirely different set of physics.
Physics is the simple act of measuring the universe. How dense is something, how fast is something, how strong is something, and so on.

Martial Arts Weapon

What Can You Really Do with Martial Arts Chi Power?

Normal physics usually hinges on a couple of set in stone guidelines. For instance, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Gravity. These kinds of physics are called Newtonian physics after Isaac Newton.
Newtonian physics hold true for the universe, but they are relative when considered in light of where in the universe you are. If you measure a pound on earth, and a pound on Mars, there is going to be different mass, or size, or whatever, to that pound.
In the martial arts you can change physics, and make them relative without leaving the planet. This ability to alter physics is the ‘second set of physics,’ the physics is beyond physics,’ of the martial arts. It should be pointed out here that this second set of physics can be noted in practices other than the martial arts. However, the martial arts tend to ‘grow’ them consistently. It does take time, however, and there are practices which can develop one’s ability in this enhanced physics outside of the martial arts.
The physics of the martial arts are inherent in the concept of chi power, or ki energy, or some such similar term.
For the first set of physics one need merely drop an object, measure the velocity, the degree of bounce, and that sort of thing.
For the martial arts, and this is measurable in karate, kung fu, kenpo, or any martial arts system that has stances, one need merely stand with the feet spread apart and have somebody push on the shoulder.
At first, the person being pushed will be uprooted. But, by the simple expedient of sinking the weight, settling the energy of the body downwards, the stance becomes immoveable, and the person can no longer be moved.
There is no physical change in the stance. One does not lower the body physically or in any measurable fashion. This feat is done with the mind, by a mere change of mental intention within the person.
There are two things that should be noted as a result of this phenomena.
One: such energy is incredibly useful, for when channeled into blocks, strikes, kicks or what have you, the energy necessary for the technique becomes less and less, and the effectiveness of the technique becomes more and more.
Two: if a phenomena cannot be measured by measuring the physical universe, then it is likely the second set of physics that you are dealing with here.
A third thing to be observed, perhaps even more significant, is that this second set of physics, this martial arts chi power, is developed most easily and with the most factual accuracy through the practice of arts such as karate, tai chi chuan, kung fu, and so on. Simply, martial arts with stances treat the body as a motor, turn on the energy, teach one to use it, and tend to make the separation from Newtonian measurements to ‘otherworld’ and more ethereal measurements much more obvious. You can learn more about this subject in the book Matrixing Chi, available at Monster Martial Arts.

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