They Need Jobs, but They Need Martial Arts More!

karate muscles

Woo! Fat in the Right Places!

OMG! Talk about needing Martial Arts!
I was watching the evil tube today, and all these people were lined up at a job fair.
Look, we all need work, but…I couldn’t but noticing, they were all overweight!
I’m not going to tell you overweight is bad, it is just inefficient!
I’m not going to rant on what they eat and food stamps and all that, these people don’t need to be kicked while they’re down…but martial arts cures a lot of the stuff they are going through!
This is one of those delightful twists: use it and lose it! Use your body, and the fat drips slowly off.
Sure, make take a while, but you just get a martial arts training program, do it every day, educate yourself as to what to eat, and before you know it…wham zam, you are a lean, mean working machine!
Plus, you have the calm, focused mind that is needed to get and do real work!
I mean, your attitude changes.
I tell ya, one of my training programs in Karate or kung fu or that sort of stuff is a lot cheaper than Mickie D meals.
For thos who are really in trouble I recommend the basic martial arts fitness program called Yogata.


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