Karate Bloopers, Ya Gotta Love ‘Em!

Karate Bloopers are sweet. I speak, of course, as a fellow who’s made his share, and compiled a list of great ones over the years. All that sweat and stamina, the attention to detail, and then it all goes wrong, and usually in spectacular fashion.

matrix martial artsMy favorite one is probably the first one I ever saw. A friend of mine, from way back in Kenpo days, decided to break a board with his head. He should have used a hammer. He hit that board so hard he knocked himself silly. Didn’t know what time it was, didn’t know what day it was. Great blooper.

Then, there was my own Karate Instructor. The best martial artist I have ever seen, and yet, one day he was trying a high flying kick under a low flying tree. He jumped, spun to the rear, extended one leg, and knocked his head against a gnarly limb. Limb one…Bob zero. And a friend of mine found him wandering around a while later, didn’t recognize my firend, though he had taught him for years.

And, there are the usual fellows who get kicked in the cajones, miss a board and smack somebody in the nose with a foot, fall down while trying a high kick, and that sort of thing. But, my favorite knock out karate mistake was…myself.

I was trying to do push ups on single fingers. Not bent single fingers, but totally stiff and straight fingers. This is hard thing to do. First you spend a few months building finger strength, then you work through fists to half fists to three fingers to two fingers to one finger. Stiff, no bend in the sucker.

So I was finally up, just about had it, it’s not strnegth, it’s balance, ahd I, almost…bang! My fingers, and arms, gave way, and I landed on my face. Knocked myself out. I’m probably the only guy int he world who has knocked himself out doing a push up. Oh well. At least it wasn’t on film. I don’t mind talking about it, but I would hate to see my Karate blooper on Youtube.


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