Columbus was a True Martial Artist! (Read this is you don’t think so!)

It’s Columbus day.
So I want to tell you something about Columbus
a martial artist
with fighting spirit
that will encourage you.

Everybody said that if you sailed north
if you didn’t freeze,
the monsters would eat you.
If you sailed south
you’d turn black.
I’m not kidding!
That if you sailed south
you skin baked a bit
got to wonder though,
what’s so bad about that?
As long as the blood is red and the heart is pure
who cares if you’re purple or pink or polka dot?
if you sailed straight out into the ocean
you’d fall off the edge of the world.

these were the beliefs of the time,
and they were pretty dire,
and if you didn’t fall in line
you risked such things as
being laughed at
(oh horrors!)
(being kicked out of the church)
or just
being killed outright.

Believe or die,

old Chris Columbus didn’t blink an eye.
He said,
I believe something different.
I don’t believe in monsters
or frozen hell,
or falling off the edge of the world.
he said,
I believe in a world
where gold is lying on the streets
waiting to be picked up!

Yeah, baby!

And Chris had enough cajones
to walk right into palaces
and demand cash
to prove himself right.

when he got the cash,
he didn’t spend it on beer and cigs,
he bought three tiny ships
(largest one was only 85 feet long,
pace that off,
think about how large the ocean is,
then consider if your grapefruits are big enough!)
and he took those three ships
got the gnarliest crew he could find
and headed for the edge of the world,
the unknown
and certain death!

is that not what a martial artist does?
People say no,
don’t work out,
and the martial artist says,
I have a higher cause,
I’m working for myself
to find I am.
I’d rather ignore the monsters
and travel to Work Out Land.

in Chris’s case,
he sailed 2400 miles,
through storms unimaginable.
His gnarly crew crew weak kneed,
babbled and moaned
claimed they couldn’t make it
they were all going to die,
but Chris held firm to his beliefs.
He stood up to them,
faced down mutiny,
he succeeded.

Isn’t that what we do?
We use the lessons of the dojo
to make our muscles firm,
our mind sharp,
and we succeed.
When the other carpenters want to quit,
we keep sawing,
when they want knock off and have a beer,
we make sure the finish is smooth,
slick as a baby’s bottom.

When the plumber says
pipes broken,
need a new one
(dollar signs in his greedy, little eyes)
we work that snake
flush it out,
and save some money
for the people we work for
because that is what friends do
and the martial arts have taught us
all are friends.

And when the time is late
and the deadline is looming
and the boss is screaming
we just work
and get the job done.

That is the martial arts,
you know?

Traveling through adversity to victory.
That is us.

it’s a holiday,
sort of.

I know,
there are some who want to call Chris Columbus
a murderer
and rapist
say he never touched the main land mass
so he doesn’t count.
But they just don’t know him,
and they are the kind of people
who want to remember the bad
instead of the good.

whether others like it or not
I like Chris Columbus.
He was a great martial artist.
Trained hard,
followed his vision
and got where he was going.

when the work out is done
and the world is winding down,
I’ll hoist a non-alcoholic beverage
to Chris.
grin and wink,
I’ll probably hoist a real beverage to him.
A man who saw his path and took it.
A man with cajones.
A martial artist
in heart and deed.

Happy Columbus Day to you!

Here’s the phenomenal and not to be ignored link
that will get your body young,
fix all injuries,
and keep it young!

So have a great weekend,
and I’ll talk to you later.


More quotes from bad kung fu movies!

11. I’ll fire aimlessly if you don’t come out!

12. You daring lousy guy.

13. Beat him out of recognizable shape!

14. I have been scared shitless too much lately.

I got knife scars more than the number of your leg’s hair!


I love ‘em.

Five more,

the final five,

next time
along with some more good stuff
about martial artist and fighting spirit.


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