Martial Arts Science Revealed by Five Elements

That there is a martial arts science is an unarguable fact, the sad news is that people hold to art, and refuse the science in their thinking. This science, however, permeates the fighting disciplines and is inherent in many of the books, strategies and philosophies of the world. In this article we will discuss the distinct progression of arts that will illuminate the science.

matrix martial artsThe universe can easily be seen as five distinct elements. Interestingly, though there can be disagreement as to what actually constitutes a basic element, the science will still, in the final analysis, be revealed. Thus, choose your elements, and apply your arts as is done here, and it will still work.

The first element is air. Air is intaken and used by the body to generate chi energy. Thus, one could do any exercise, yoga is very good, zen is adequate, and begin the transmutation of the universe into personal energy.

The second element is fire, and this is the generation of chi within the body generator, known as the tan tien, or ‘one point.’ Fire can be developed by studying the more violent arts. This would include such practices as Karate, Kenpo, Taekwondo, and so on.

The third element is earth. One breathes in, starts the fire, and connects the fire to the earth. This can be done in any art, but a practice of such arts as Tai Chi Chuan or Pa Kua Chang are usually the best for this.

The fourth element is water. Once one learns how to connect to the earth, one must learn how to be fluid and changeable, and this holds for movements, strategic shifts in fighting skills, and so on. This can be studied, again, through wudan style martial arts, but also through Aikido, and some of the more esoteric Indonesian styles.

The fifth element is void. Void is the manifestation of awareness, and comes through an understanding of all arts. To study one art is to study a piece of the whole, is like studying one flower and assuming you know them all.

The conclusion here, the message, if you will, is that one must apply oneself to all arts and learn their juxtapositioning. One must examine and see their inter-relationships, and understand them as a whole. This is the only way to truly master the fighting skills, and to understand the complete and whole Martial Arts Science.


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