Could UFC Stand Up to the Dim Mak Martial Arts Death Touch?

The Martial Arts Death touch, a lot of people wonder if it really even exists. Well, of course it does, but you aren’t going to find it at your corner McDojo. Truth, you’re going to have to find somebody who knows somebody, and then get an introduction, and then study for ten MORE years. And then, do you really think somebody who knows Dim Mak will be found in the Octagon?
dim mak death touchThat said, let me tell you a few things about the death touch.
Ninjas have a version of the death touch: they wear a ring with a very small, hard to see spike on it. They coat the spike with deadly poison, and there is your death touch.
There is another one like this, which involves coating the fingers with wax, then placing the poison on the wax, so that the mere touch of skin, a handshake, for instance, will kill.
Now, these are actually easily figured out, all you have to do is figure the proper mix of snake venom, bug bite, and whatever that will result in a poison that paralyzes the innards.
Now, the gimmicks out of the way, what is the real death touch?
The real thing involves an extensive knowledge of meridians and organs and how the chi flows through the body.
Heck, if it was easy to find, people would have been dying all over the place, and just by accidental touch.
So you study how to generate chi with your own body, then you strike somebody in a meridian at the right time of day, and the result is organ failure.
This is not so hard to understand. Overload a wall socket and you can cause power failure in a house. So why should the body be different?
Of course, what does it take to map out a body, when most people don’t even believe in Chi?
And, that said, how often do you think there is going to be a call to use a dim mak strike?
And, there is the other sort of interesting question: why would you want somebody to die of kidney failure a week after he mugs you?
Well, this last comment is sort of a joke, because if somebody knows enough to know dim mak, they will definitely know enough martial arts to defend themselves on the spot.
Well, that’s about it, except that I recommend that if you are interested in such things you study hard, and prepare for that onece in alifetime possibility that you might actually come across a dim mak master and be able to learn a real Martial Arts Death Touch. Try Matrixing Chi for your start, it is available at Monster Martial Arts.

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