In the Martial Arts Life is the True Art

It’s funny, but people always start with thinking they want to be able to defend themselves. There’s a bully in every person’s life, it appears.
From there, people slowly ween into the act of living, and this is what the martial arts are really all about.
true art of shaolinTo put the body into one particular space, in one particular time, in one particular fashion, it’s an art.
Some guy is painting a masterpiece, he has to put his brush through a perfect geometry, create the absolutely right brush stroke to enliven all other brush strokes, put what is in his mind into reality. A canvas reality, but a reality nevertheless.
The Martial Artist is using his body for the brush, and he is stroking his presence across reality. The reality of things, of rocks and twigs, and masterpieces, and spaceships and whatever, but a reality nevertheless.
The novelist crafts his words carefully, puts them in a precise order, gives his thoughts a reality. A paper reality, but a reality nevertheless.
The martial artist is putting his body in a certain order, finding a story of life, and crafting his body to fit it, to display it, to tell the story.
Sometimes it is a matter of just walking smoothly. Sometimes it is a matter of swirling your energy through a crowd, effecting that crowd, creating a new direction for that crowd. Sometimes it is the crafting of a fist to defend oneself, against weapon and rage, and to even end life for another.
But, no matter what the cause, no matter what the situation, it is an art. Reality is the canvas, the affairs of human beings the tale, the human being’s body is the brush, his movements are the brush stroke, the inserted word, the exclamation mark.
Really, that is the point of it all. Birth and death are the frame, it is our actions in between which create the art.
When you are done, will your life be a masterpiece? Will you have painted your energy across the world and created a beautiful picture of effect?
Drop by Monster Martial Arts and start painting the True Art.

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