New Martial Arts Website is Growing!

horse stance method

Knowledge is Martial Arts Power

How interesting, the new martial arts website is getting almost as many visitors as my blog, and it is closing in on my website.
The reason for this is, of course (grin) fresh and unique martial arts articles.
Well, actually, hate to tell you this, but they are old articles.
But, they are so old that the net is forgetting about them. So, since nobody has looked at them in a few years, they might just as well be new.
What I do is rework them, changing titles and words and phrases, and then they are new to the web.
Now, why am I doing this? Actually, not because I need the traffic, though that is appreciated.
The reaosn I set this new martial arts website in motion is because I have over four hundred articles, and they should be out where people can get to them.
After all, I invented Matrixing, the single greatest contribution to the martial arts in history. Shouldn’t the writing surrounding that discovery be available for all?
Heck, do a search on the site, find the things I have written on CBM, various styles, Matrixing, or whatever.
Of course, the site is growing, so maybe I am a bit premature in offering this advice, but, heck, I’ll offer it again, so why not?
Anyway, I’ve written near two million words on the martial arts, and eventually I want the majority of those words in one place, where people can access the database, find the thoughts i had behind the thoughts, and maybe even follow along on this twisted, convoluted path that I am slowly straightening out.
That all said, the name of the martial arts website is Gonna be the biggest site, have tons of things for people to search through, download, watch, and so on. And, while we’re talking about it, there’s a FREE BOOKS page. That’s right, you can get several books on the martial arts, old classics that are out of print and stuff on Matrixing. Just click over to the website, check out the black menu at the top and find Free Books. Go there and follow the instructions,a nd you can get several absolutely free martial arts books.
Matrixing Karate


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