If You Study Karate or Kenpo or Taekwondo You’re Supposed to Kill People!

Martial Arts Weapon

What Can You Really Do with the Martial Arts?

I just love this headline; it is so true, and yet…. I chose Karate and Kenpo and Taekwondo because they are where the following concern comes up. Invariably I have a student ask a question about what technique to use when in a fight. I always look at the student real fiercely and say, ‘Use the one that kills him!’
And, if they don’t blink, I say, ‘What the heck are you studying this martial art for if not to kill somebody?’
Now, why do I do this? Several reasons, but the main one has to do with the purpose of the martial arts, and this question always allows me to get the student’s attention, then move into that purpose.
Budo, in the Japanese, means ‘War arts.’
But the hieroglyphics depict the laying down of a spear.
So the purpose of the martial arts is to lay down the spear.
To stop fighting.
In otherwords, you are learning how to fight so you don’t have to fight.
I then tell my students that the real gain is in the calm peace of mind; a peace of mind wherein one merely walks into a room and everything gets calmer, more gentle.
Now, the point here is that if you get in a fight, you have already lost. You lost because your art didn’t work to keep you out of that fight.
But, if one of my student does get in a fight, I don’t expect them to lose twice: I expect them to walk away, and, if necessary, the other fellow doesn’t walk away.
Yes, it is nice to talk about using the technique that will cause the least damage, to control them so the highest ethic is achieved, but that is not how it happens in the real world.
Practice long enough, and you might have that choice.
But, if you’re in a fight, and you have to defend yourself, you be the victor. Period.
Karate, Kenpo, Taekwondo, or whatever art you study, you are a valuable person, and the mugger does not have as much value, so you be the one that lives. Check out Monster Martial Arts for the fastest, most efficient martial arts in the world! Pick up a free Martial Arts book at the top left of the home page.


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