How Many People Have You Killed With Karate Or Kenpo Or Kung Fu?

Some people may not understand this, but using Martial Arts like Karate, Kenpo or Kung Fu to end lives is not what the arts are all about. That said, I googled the question, ‘How many people killed in Taekwondo. I repeated the phrase for Kung Fu, kenpo, and a few other arts. Check out the video and then I’ll tell you what I found.

Why I did this I don’t know, but the results were quite fascinating. There was the report of the 7th black belt taekwondo student who died because of a street fight, and various other stories. But the only recorded death I immediately came up with was a fellow named Vasquez, who died as a result of an MMA competition.

Past that there were some rather tickling things said on a yahoo forum. Here are a few of the best of those remarks. I think it will be pretty obvious that these people didn’t study any martial arts, but were rather being cute for their friends.

“I’d rather not tell you.” And, “I know some people who killed plenty of people and they don’t even know Karate, but now some are resting in peace and others suffering inside the jail.” And, “I killed all the fighters in my 100-man kumite.”

But my favorite posted remark was, “Karate…not one.” There was just so much left unsaid in that slithery and misleading answer. I mean, what other ways has he been killing people with?

Anyway, death is not always the most fun subject to talk about, so it is nice to keep it at arm’s length with a little humor. That said, I do recall a fellow who actually did kill somebody using his martial arts. It was written up in an article in Inside Kung Fu, or one of those mags, and it was headlines a couple of decades ago.

Apparently the fellow had a gun pointed in his face, and he slapped the thing aside and speared the fellow in the throat, or something like that. It was a while ago, so I’m hazy on the specifics. I do recall that the fellow said it all happened so quickly that he had no choice, just reacted.

But there was terrible remorse in the fellow’s words. He was clearly shaken to the core, wished it had never happened, and didn’t even want to think about doing the martial arts again. So, whether you study Karate or Kenpo or kung fu, it appears that killing is one of those things that should be avoided if at all possible.

If this article hasn’t cautioned you, and you still really want really deadly art, try Blinding Steel. It deals specifically with Cutting Weapons. Find it at Monster Martial Arts.


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