Relaxing to Feng Shui to World Peace, and All Through Martial Arts

horse stance method

Knowledge is Martial Arts Power

Good Monday to you!
Maybe the best monday of your life, eh?
After all,
you get to do the first work out
of the rest of your life.
What a perfect time to set the standard.

If somebody asked me
what is the most important thing in the martial arts,
what is the one thing you felt people should all know
that would improve everybody’s martial arts the most
what would it be?

Before I answer,
why don’t you answer.
All our answers might be different,
we’re all different people,
no harm in thinking about it.
Go ahead,
what is
the most important lesson in all the martial arts?

I’ll scroll while you think.
Just a little scroll
just enough to get
the answer off screen
whatever your answer
compare it to mine,
neither of us will be wrong,
but my answer was….

The art of relax
is not unique to the martial arts
and is crucial to everything.
After all,
energy does not flow
through that which is not relaxed.
Not being relaxed inhibits motion.
Motion is life.
to go neutronic on you,
the more motion you have
the more life you have
the less motion you have
the less life you have.

Out of motion?
you’re dead.
The guy who doesn’t move is a sitting duck
And a sitting duck is a dead duck.

the more relaxed you are
the more capable of motion you are.

Another slant on this is
if you try to do something
you fail
you see,
is not relaxed.
trying is effort.
If you relax
you don’t try,
and you succeed.

Put this together with your job.
Do you get more done when you are relaxed
and able to focus on what you are doing?
Or do you get more done
when you are jacked up,
maybe ticked off at somebody,
and using all sorts of effort?

the art of relax
in conjunction with the martial arts
is interesting.
It is to mentally tell yourself
to relax
before you strike.
And to make yourself relax
after you strike.

Focus doesn’t depend on energy,
it depends on the space around the energy.

I do this all the time,
tell myself to relax,
mentally command my muscles
to let go of energy
to not be rigid.
Then I can explode better,
have more speed,
and don’t get tired.

applying this to life
is fun.

Some guy is ticked off.
Not necessarily at you
though he might be.
You stand in front of him
and let all the energy drain out,
flow downward
into the ground.

You might be surprised to see
that he will relax.
He will suddenly let go.

You see,
for people to get all jacked up,
they have to have something
to be jacked up at.
If you
(the target)
the targeter
will relax.

this might take some time to master,
but it works.
I’ve actually gone into a tense room,
and made everybody relax
by taking a central point in the room
and relaxing,
visibly relaxing.

It’s sort of fun
to make twenty or thirty people do something
without even speaking.
But it depends on
your degree
and magnitude
of martial arts training.

It even gets to the point
where I walk into a room
and everybody relaxes,
cause I am so relaxed
before I get there.

one last thing I want you to think about
on this matter of relaxing.
It’s in conjunction with that remark I made
about picking the central point in a room.

You’re going to have figure out
how to do feng shui
to people.
big grin.
Go ahead,
google some feng shui,
pick out some principles,
and start moving yourself through a crowd
feng shui style.

You know,
I’m a little surprised I never mentioned this,
but it’s one of those little gems I figured out
because of matrixing,
and use so intuitively,
that I never think about.
I guess you could say
if you feng shui a crowd,
you have just matrixed them.

Something to think about,

there’s my profound and philosophical advice
to curing the problems of life
on the mat and in life,
and feng shui (matrix)
all at once.

You guys have a great and abnormal day.

if you are one of the few
who have not sampled Matrixing,
here’s the URL
for the first
and therefore the most significant
course on matrixing
in the whole and entire world.

Matrix Karate


In a world where all is chaos,
the fellow who knows matrixing is king.
~ Al Case


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