I Sing The Karate Body Electric, but People Don’t Like It!

pinan three

Sink and Twist for Chi Power!

When Walt Whitman spoke of ‘the body electric’ he had no idea of the deep connection these words would have with the ancient art of Karate. Well, poets are in an ethereal realm, floating with ideas and concepts quaint and rare. What most people don’t understand is that martial artists are in that same realm…maybe even a little higher.

A martial artist is a poet. His canvas, if I can mix metaphors sightly, is motion imprinted on the universe. Like a boy with sparklers on a dark night, the martial artist carves a geometry immaculate, and illuminates a soul possessed.

Interestingly, these poetic venturings have rules of physics imbedded within. While there is an art to poetry, there is an art and a science to the martial arts. It is only by understanding this science may one make the final break and truly manifest the art pure.

No, it is not muscle and bone, though those are necessary in the beginning, for one to begin to create. It is energy, glowing and glorious energy, which spark the karate body divine. And, that said, one must understand that energy relates directly to electricity, and the rules of that science.

The tan tien, that hard to find, little point two inches below the navel, is a generator. Breath to the tan tien, and imagine to that spot, and energy glows, and the body is astart. Then does the energy course, and then does the map of the body glow, and then does the imagination start to soar.

Through the pathways of the body, exploring the chakras, which are but switchboards. Tightening the pressures points, which are but sockets, making them immune to attack. Coursing the ethereal imaginations in currents that pulse geometric through the frame.

Sending the energy here, there, putting it into form and technique, strengthening the body with a power not known to the mere mortal. And the machine lurches neon, we have created life! And the delicious thought is conveyed through the structure of the thing…do not mess with me, I am alive!

Yet, it is not all in the body, for the body is merely the platform, the sling for the shot, the propulsion for the extension of spirit and imagination that we really are. It is in the outward grace, the feline movements, the ability to dance divine even in the face of the bringer of death. Yes, I sing the Karate body, and there are those who don’t like it, but they just don’t know…they just don’t understand.

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