The Waveform of Martial Arts Instruction

I realized the waveform of martial arts instruction the other day. It was during a class while i was explaining the back and forth of my teaching method.
If I have my preferences, I explained, I go back and forth forth from hard to soft, from karate to tai chi chuan, from shaolin to pa kua chang.

Now, this isn’t simple cross training. Cross training is when you do stuff other than the martial arts, presumably (some claim) to change up on the muscles, give them a rest, whatever. There’s nothing wrong with this, and you can tailor a program and get pretty intense, and it will build your martial arts a bit.
But, the specific I am talking about has to do with teaching force, impact, hard blocks, and then reversing the vector of the teaching and have the student get out of the way, go with the flow, and reduce the attacker to a trip, a stumble, a lock and a throw.

The significance is more than just physical. You see, when you have the student do force then flow, when you have him fill the body with energy, then fill the body with space (emptiness), you are doing something to his head. His mind starts to loosen up, he starts to see things he was blind to, he starts to fall out of the trap of thinking only in the hard, or only in the soft.
Now, two things you need to understand before you wave your teaching methodology.
One, you need to be able to teach your art faster, I would say if you can get it down to three months per system, that would be good. However, you can’t sacrifice quality. Your student will know it, you will be cheating the art, and it is just plain sloppy.
Two, you need enough arts to do this. I am not talking about merely a progression of hard to soft, shaolin to tai chi, something like that…I am talking about waving back and forth three or four times. That will really wake up your student, and really create a much more quality martial artist.
The major point to be made here is that waving back and forth, if you have sufficient, quality martial arts instruction, is the absolute best way to make a martial artist. If you need more arts to teach, and want a close up look at the faster teaching method, check out my website, Monster Martial Arts. Make sure you pick up a free book (top left of the home page) while you’re there.


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