I Got in Trouble for Telling People this About Martial Arts Chi Power

This is a kick, but I had a couple of people incredibly upset when I told them this little item about the Martial Arts. Sort of funny, because it’s just words on paper, right? Well, digital on screen, I guess. But, if somebody doesn’t like something I know I’m on the right track, so I just go ahead and repeat it. They’ll either get unupset, or go away. There choice. But it’s only information about how the body works.
Energy goes up and down the legs, the tan tien is an energy generator. and zingo bingo, here comes the crux of the matter, the only difference between tai chi and karate is one of converting chi power to the speeds involved.
I guess these fellows got upset because they wanted it all to be mysterious. But, look, the body is a machine. It’s a flesh, blood, biomechanical…machine.
There are ways to create energy, call it chi power if you will, without the machine, but if you use the machine, you have to have connectors to the ground and a generator.
Look, this is basic one on virtually all my courses.
And, no, the chakras are switchboards, they are not generators.
Oh, boo hoo. No mystery. Cry me a river.
Well, I’m not one for going a round thinking that something I don’t understand is glorious; I donb’t believe in running my life in search of a msytery. Much more fun to get things done. So here’s where I get things done, here is the proof. In the following video I am using the legs, generating chi, and throwing it a foot. Not mysterious. Anybody can do it. I even wrote the directions on how to do this in a book, and everybody who has read the book has been able to do it.

Now, the sad thing is that some people are going to read this and feel let down. They wanted something mysterious. But life isn’t mysterious, it’s just what it is, and you get what you want by understanding what you are doing and then applying yourself to whatever you want.
Anyway, check out my site, Monster Martial Arts, and make sure you pick up a free book while you’re there.

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