Three People Fought, One Died, Why are You Doing Martial Arts?

This title, except for the question, is a bit misleading. Let me explain.
I read somewhere that people get in three fights in their lifetimes. Count all the real fights, some people get in a hundred, most of us get in none, but it all averages out to three fights per lifetime. I found that to be an interesting statistic.
Now, I have only heard of one person killing a person while defending himself using Karate. It was in Black Belt, or Inside Kung Fu, or one of those mags a couple of decades ago. So out of all the millions of people that put in the billions of hours…only one death resulted.
Well, I’m sure there have been a few more.
Anyway, this all brings us to the question…why are you studying the martial arts? Check out the video, and make sure you come up with an answer before reading the rest of this article.

Now, if you answer to defend yourself, the statistics in this article discourage you.
If you answer for health, there are better methods.
So why are you learning the scientific way to render bodies?
If you answered that you don’t know, you just can’t stop, you don’t think about it, you just do it…then you might be a true martial artist.
And everybody else, you can become true martial artists, but you have to get over the fantasy and fall in love with the beauty and the motion and the sheer invigoration of it all.
Drop by Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free martial arts book. Absolutely free. It’s in the top left corner of the home page.


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