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the iron horse

Do It Until You Don't Die!

I received some incredible stuff this past few days,
and I think it appropriate
to go over it here,
for everybody.
These are the kinds of questions that
you just know
that other people are asking.

thanks to Master Instructors
Brad Wyman and Derek Renfro
for advice on touring
satellite dishes
and all sorts of other stuff
connected with
The Great Matrixing Tour.

I tell you
there’s almost 60 Master instructors out there,
and they are my hidden brain,
my super resource.
first question for you,
I’m thinking about putting up a list of Master instructors
on the Monster.
No addresses or areas,
just a list of names
to acknowledge
my hidden brain.
What do you think of the idea?
Or maybe I should say,
if there are any objections
let me know,
and especially let me know why.

Okey dokey,
Waldemar K asked me about
Horse Meditation.
I hope that you are doing well. I have a quick question. On one of the terms you have this horse stance meditation. The one with one hand above the head and one in a beak off to the side. I am about to begin to explore it. In simple terms, can you tell me what is the purpose of it? Does it matter which hand does what and/or does it have to be done on both sides? I am asking because you have done it for many years and I never did it. Yet somehow I feel the pull do do it?
Thank you,

A quick question,
you can do it to either side.
You can also do beaks to both sides,
although that is not one of my favorites.

The purpose has to do with depth of body control.
control the body and you control the mind,
control the mind and you control the spirit
(Spirit defined as ‘awareness of awareness’–
the ‘I am’ that is uniquely each of us.

You can do forms and learn
to control the mind
slowly over the years,
and the spirit slowly comes under control
(you control yourself–
you become more ‘I am’
and less the robotic,
societized beast
the has become the product of ‘civilization.’

By doing Horse meditation,
by forcing yourself through horse meditation
you take control of your mind
and become more you

It all has to do with the speed at which you progress.

you can’t force people to do horse meditation.
You can only show them
encourage them
and hope that they will
start to want it.

What is the key to it?
Once you have proper structure,
and are able to relax your breathing
the key is to go through it,
to go through the thought
that you are going to die.

You’re standing there,
the legs threatening to give way
and you have the thought
or the feeling,
or the concept in some form
that you are going to die.

ignore the thought.
That is your mind
trying to stay in control
of you…the spirit.

Stay there,
let the death thought exhaust itself.
When you have gone through that
you will experience yourself
as never before.
You will have plumbed the martial art
to a depth

There will be more you
and less of that unconscious robot
that you previously were unaware that you were.

and I should tell you
you might end up out of your body,
and if you haven’t done that before
it can be pretty frightening.

Tell the truth,
getting out of the body hard like that
is best done
after a few years of forms practice
which gets you out of your body
at a much slower rate,
and makes the body strong enough
that you actually do have sufficient body strength
to confront death.

while you guys are digesting all that,
let me move into a question from
Chuck Fleuchas

Like the idea of matrixing Chi.  How about Fajing?  Great stuff but elusive.  No one ‘really’ gets you there.  The systema guys work a lot on dissipating the force when you are struck.  How about some of that matrixed?  You are doing a great job and of course these are only suggestions maybe for future projects.  Maybe some of these are already in your products.  

Take care and have an awesome day.  PS like the snake logo too. 

Chuck Fleuchaus, D.C.

I find his points most interesting,
Fajing is interesting stuff,
and I have watched the Systema guys for a while.
Very interesting.
here we go.

What most people miss
is that chi is chi.
Tai Chi Chuan
has the rep
for creating the most mysterious chi,
but the Karate guys create the same kind of chi.
The difference is only
in the speed at which you deliver it.
wave energy up the legs,
explode the tan tien
pulse the energy
out the arms.

The idea that karate was the same as tai chi
really hit me like a hammer
I mean,
I’m trying to figure out the mysteries of chi
through Tai Chi
and suddenly
I realize that I’ve had the Chinese version
all along,
it was just slanted
through speed of usage
and the type of techniques.

The problem,
of course
is that variety of usage
lends itself to slant of explanation
and then people think
everything is different.

No, no!
The body is the body,
it works the same way
fast or slow,
the trick is to understand
and convert speeds.

fajing follows the same rules
that I listed above
and which are in Chinese arts
and written in the classic Chinese writings,
is the exact same thing that I got in Karate,
but which I didn’t understand
until I did enough tai chi
and read enough of the classics
and was finally able to understand it all
in the terms of western physics.

I have had people get upset
over this observation of mine,
and I’m sorry about that.
I don’t intend to get people flustered,
but it is a matter of language,
and translating speed.

and I should say
that since most people don’t do real Karate
they don’t generate Chi,
and so they will never understand what I am saying.
it’s what you don’t know that is your jailer.
And if you don’t understand what I say here
you need three potentials.

More work in your art or arts
understanding of the physics involved
the ability to translate concepts of speed.

I could talk for an hour or ten
on all the things inherent in this
I have said it simply
and without offense.

I should say at this point,
that I have done a rather good,
but messy,
job of describing methods
for generating chi.
The Punch is hard core data,
put that on top of Matrixng Chi,
which illustrates the actuality
that is happening
(and how to do it)
when you generate hard chi,
which is usable as soft chi
when you learn the Five Armies.
And this brings us to Systema.

I love the vids on youtube
of the fellows doing systema.
It would be interesting to get ahold of all the data of that art
and mock up a training program,
and perhaps some enterprising fellow
will do just that.
finds the concepts in Tai Chi.

I could be faulted
for not enough fajing
and too much giving way.
But I had explosive power
in spades
from Karate,
and so the mystery to me
when I was initially learning
was the emptiness.
That was something Karate didn’t have.

I look forward to somebody playing with Systema
matrixing it,
making a series of three forms
much like my house forms
in Matrix Karate,
and so making that art
much faster to learn,
much more efficient to teach,
and so on.
right now,
I prefer matrixing push hands
and exploring the classical concepts.

The above said,
I admit that I think that I am wrong.
I think there is more potential
for teaching a person how to empty faster
in Systema
but my personal progress,
my path,
is currently wrapped up
in awareness of awareness
as developed
in the more advanced versions of
tai chi chuan.

All of which opens the door
to somebody who wants to take
that extra matrixing step.
Any takers out there,
please let me know
how your researches turn out.

I’m always looking for a good lesson.

last but not least,
the story of the snake symbol.

I was teaching a bunch of sixth graders Karate
lot of fun
terribly distracting
terribly hard
odd stuff.
I mean,
you’re talking to minds not fully formed,
so how do you get them to discipline themselves?
Should be easy,

this one kid comes up to me later in the day
and hands me the snake symbol.
Totally blew me out.
I framed it,
have it on a wall somewhere

To me that came to represent the Monster
more than anything.

The snake is not lowly and sneaky,
he has just been profiled
because of his height.
Isn’t that true of all of us?
And in our own minds?
the thought of swallowing the yin yang,
actually absorbing yin yang
I loved it.

that is the short story
behind one of my original symbols,
and why I chose it
for the Monster.

we’ve covered a lot of ground
and I thank you for the questions,
you can give me more,
and I won’t mind.
I won’t dissemble
or hide data,
because you learn by teaching.

if you have any questions on what I’ve said here,
check out
The Punch, Matrixing Chi, Five Army Tai Chi Chuan,
Master Instructor Course,Matrix Karate.

Everything is in there,
and not in thumbnail.
You just have to be willing
to turn the pages
watch the DVD
and do it yourself.
And if you understand what I’ve said here,
then you will be able to understand
what is in my courses.

Here’s the obligatory URL,
Five Army Tai Chi Chuan

have yourself an ultimate week,
work out every day,
and I’ll talk to you later


PS-still thinking about a big chi package.
Just been real busy.
Talk to you later.

“A black belt is nothing more than a belt that goes around your waist. Being a black belt is a state of mind and attitude.”
- Rick English


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