How Long Does It Take to Learn To Do the Martial Arts the Right Way?

Walking the Circle

Harry Hsu Walks the Circle

Now that’s an interesting martial arts question. People have so many different standards and values and ways of looking at things. Most people think it takes somewhere between three to five years to earn a black belt. And, some 15 to 20 years to achieve mastery. But those are arbitraries. There aren’t set standards, and people pretty much do what they want, and most instructors would get in serious argument if they tried to define their standards.
You see, the point isn’t how long it takes to become expert or master, the point is what is a correct form.
Let me explain something. Most people are put in a class, and they punch and kick a few thousand times over a few years, and they gain a certain level of coordination, and then they are awarded their belt.
It has become accepted that you do something long enough and you will know it.
Well, maybe.
But if you do the martial arts the right way, you have changes in the mind. Here’s a rule for you: correct body equals correct mind. The discipline it takes to align the body correctly has mirror effect in the mind.
But, if people don’t do the form correctly, there is no change in mind, and you have false black belts.
So how many black belts do you know that have no reaction time? Who manifest chi in their techniques. Heck, most people don’;t even know what chi is in a technique, let alone how to manifest, or how to even see it.
Then the terrible tragedy happens. A guy or gal gets a black belt, assumes he is an authority, and is no longer able to be taught. They know it all, you see.
That is why the true art takes so long to grow: attrition of students; instructors who don’t really know.
That’s why I put the truth of the martial arts in the Master Instructor course.
There are seven rules which pertain directly to perfect form. Follow those seven rules and you can’t fail. You don’t even need an instructor.
And, there are six rules which enable one to make all techniques work. And not after years of practice, but upon understanding what the rules mean.
You can’t argue with the physics of the universe.
And the glorious truth is that once somebody understands and does those 13 rules in all their martial arts, then they master the martial arts.
Sure, it still takes time. One has to accumulate a certain amount of data, but it doesn’t take long.
What takes long is standing in a class and punching endlessly, with nobody to tell you what is wrong with your punch, and how it can be fixed.
You could take a child of six and have him take a car, motor and all, apart and put it back together. You could have him do this for twenty years, but he still wouldn’t be able to fix a car, let alone drive it.
Well, it’s the same for the martial arts, and the sad thing is that those children of five, because they put in the time, have been given the keys to the car, and they think they know it all, but they have really just succeeded in putting blinders on.
Drop by Monster Martial Arts and check out the Master Instructor Course. Pick up the free martial arts book on the home page. Read some more and see if what I say makes sense. You have nothing to lose, and who knows, the blinders might come off.

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