Martial Arts Eyes; Martial Arts Soul

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Martial Arts Eyes...Martial Arts Wise

I was reading a piece of martial arts writing that dealt with where you put your eyes while fighting, and I came across that old piece of advice, put them nowhere, unfocus them.
The reasoning behind this is that if you look at your opponent’s eyes, then you can get fooled, because you are looking at the body, and not the soul.
Yet, the old adage claims that the eyes are the windows to the soul.
To be blunt, I never look at the body, I look at the eyes, because that is where you can see your opponent thinking.
Now, truth, your opponent thinks in his mind, which is a nebulous thing somewhere, but those thoughts in his mind reflect first in the eyes.
So why do people claim you should look nowhere, and especially not at the eyes?
The reason is because they haven’t reached a point where they can look at their opponent and ‘know’ him.
Knowingness, intuition, is usually held up as a sixth sense kind of thing. Truth, you can build knowingness by building up your mental (martial) database. This is to say, the longer you train, the more situations you look at, the deeper you delve into the why behind those situations, the more knowingness you will have.
Well, of course, a sixth grader ‘knows’ more than a first grader.
The problem is that people don’t want to admit that they are first graders, they want to be sixth graders, and they aren’t willing to put in the sweat and time.
We want to be best without the work.
Silly us.
To learn, you first have to realize that there is something to learn.
Or, to be blunt (grin), to get smarter you have to know that you are stupider.
Stupid first, smart second, and I pity the fool who holds to himself as all growed up, or full of his own opinion. These things are what keep him from knowing his opponent, from the higher levels of the martial arts, from his own sixth sense abilities, from the ability to just glance at an opponent–to look into his eyes–and know what he is going to do before he does it.

If you want to ‘know’ the martial arts, come over to Monster MArtial Arts and ‘look into my eyes.’


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