Martial Arts Corrupted until There Ain’t No Martial Arts!

Black Belt instructor

Robert J. Babich...Kang Duk Won

Now here’s a thought that nobody will like. Just how badly are the Martial Arts corrupted?
Let me explain where I am coming from, and see if you agree.
I began martial arts in 1967. There were only a half dozen dojos in the whole San Francisco-Bay Area. I admit, i went to one that was only a mile away, but it wasn’t long before I gave that dojo up and moved on.
Because the martial arts that they taught were for tournaments. And then I met a fellow from a school which was not for tournaments. I walked into that dojo, smelled the sheer, raw, dripping power, and that was it. I had fallen in love.
I quit my old dojo, a mere mile away, and drove fifty miles a night to attend my new martial arts school.
I thought my first dojo was tough. It was creampuff.
My new school left me so badly bruised I couldn’t press the clutch pedal. I often drove home my matching motor speed to tranny, and shifting without the clutch. (Love those old V-dubs!)
I walked out of class drenched in sweat, and my muscles were so fatigued my whole body was shaking.
And I learned.
You see, and here it comes, I wasn’t in a class with people who had to be signed to contracts, and then entertained.
I was in a class with people who wanted to learn the art, and were willing to do anything to learn it.
Big difference.
Now, I am not just looking down memory lane here.
I am saying that instead of doing a few push ups, slaughtering a couple of forms that aren’t very good because nobody understands them…we would kick till our legs fell off, do forms until we could barely stand, and then we would fight.
And I mean fight.
Yet, good control, all friends, but fanatical die hard attitude was the only way to survive.
If a fellow survived that school he was good for four or five years of training.
And, here is the thing, it wasn’t mindless exercise, there was a point to it all. The things we did, they resulted in knowledge. You just had to suffer through the process, and you were guaranteed a different mindset. Heck, a different mind.
You lost emotions like anger, and replaced them with a level gaze that inquired.
You listened to people, and thought about what you were saying.
You gained respect for life.
You stopped being a meat body high school yak yak, and started being a human being.
Big difference.
Now, how much have the martial arts been corrupted?
I can’t even start to tell you the ways, and this by observing forms and applications.
But it all starts when people study out of convenience, and because it is cool, and not out of some gut wrenching something that drives them, and is different from 99.9 per cent of the people out there.
Well, think about it.
And the straight goods, the stuff I learned some forty plus years ago, is available at Monster Martial Arts. I’d check out Temple Karate. That’s where I show what it was, and a few slight changes I’ve made over the years. Pretty pure stuff. Have a great day.


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