Secret Karate for the Free World!

Bassai technique
How interesting. I send courses and books all over the world, and every once in a while I get an order from a country that is, shall we say…unfriendly? For instance, I sent a Karate Course to Venezuela, and it disappeared for a few weeks, then showed up.
Why did it take two weeks to get to the customer? Not because of the mail, but because the government wants to inspect anything and everything that comes in to their country.
Isn’t that interesting? They don’t want people to learn Karate?
I sent a video file to a foreign country, but I couldn’t send it. I had to figure out how to mpeg it, put it on a site, and send the customer the URL for that video. Apparently a scholarly discourse on how to get healthy and learn self-defense is a big bugaboo for the mid-east
I sent a Master Instructor course to China, and I had to do so by mailing to somebody in the United States, who then repackaged the thing, told customs various things, and sent it along. Obviously, this fellow knew how to jump through the hoops. But, think about it, China doesn’t want any martial arts coming into their country. It’s almost a joke, you know?
I taught one fellow Karate here, and he was from the old Soviet bloc. He told me that the government only allows the military, the police, and the sons of politicians to learn martial arts.
Hmm. Do I detect a bit of paranoia on the side of the government?
And, of course, our own country is at risk. The regulations are growing daily, and it won’t be long before licenses and fees drive teachers under the radar.But, that is going to be in the near and dear future, and there is still a bit of hope for us.
You know, I can understand why the government doesn’t want people to learn the martial arts.
A fellow who knows Karate knows how to fight, and that means he is a hard breath away from knowing how to fight back. We know that the government doesn’t want us to fight back…they just want our taxes.
And don’t think I am one of these anarchistic, liberal, right wing extremists (I think that covers the whole range of politics), I know it is our fault. The problem is that I don’t want to stop practicing my martial arts long enough to get involved in politics. I mean, can’t those elected bozos ignore the wenches (gigolos), stop taking the bribes, put aside their criminal activities so that the people can go back to ignoring them?
Ah, well. I’ve gone a long way here, from Secret Karate to politics, but that’s okay. It’s all in a good cause, right? You guys and gals have a great day, and don’t forget to fdrop by Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free Martial Arts book.

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