If You Want a Powerful Kick in Karate or Taekwondo

The tricks I’m going to tell you here are easy, but they take work. I say Karate andTaekwondo, because I studied the Kang Duk Won, which was Korean Karate, then became Taekwondo many years ago when TKD was first borning.

First, make sure you get a high knee. Kick over a chair or something. Lifting the leg high means you have to push it on a straight line, and this means you are going straight in to the target, and not sliding off the face of it.

Second, turn the foot slightly and sink the weight. Turn the foot so that the hips can align and lend their weight to the technique. Sink the weight so that you are firmly connected to the planet.

Third, tilt the hips slightly so that, again, the alignment and weight can be put into the strike.

Fourth, and this is the kicker, do a couple of hundred kicks per foot per kick per day. Now there, is nothing wrong with fancy kicks, but I concentrated on the bread and butter kicks. I would do 200 right front kicks, 200 left front kicks, 200 side thrust kicks, 200 right side thrust kicks, 200 right wheel kicks, and 200 right wheel kicks. Then, depending on the time, I would pick out a spin kick or oblique kick or something and work on that.

Further, I did these kicks in the air, against bags, with those big rubber bands for resistance, and so on.

The idea here was not just to get used to hitting lots of thigns and moving lots of things, but to get to the point where I was using my feet with the agility of the hands (and I was also training to use the hands with the power of the feet).

Now, the first few weeks you do this training regimen you are toast. Your legs are noodles, tired, weak, silly things. After a few weeks you get used to it, and you realize something: you can walk on your legs all day, so why shouldn’t you be able to kick with your legs all day.

Now, I have included the kicking clip I did a while back. Mind you, my form is no longer young and snappy, but the training I put into the legs stands by me, so when I kick my partner, even by accident, he just folds up. Check out the video, then work on developing a powerful kick the way I did in Karate (taekwondo). And make sure you drop by Monster Martial Arts. I have a free kicking program bundled in with my Matrix Karate course.


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