Instant Power in the Martial Arts Through a Simple Method

Power in the martial arts, sort of an obsession, if you get my drift. So here’s the best method I know to get power.
Simply, get low in a horse stance and stay there. We used to call it horse Meditation, and we would hold one arm in a high block, and the other arm would be to the side with an inverted beak (fingers hooked to a point). The horse meditation grows power directly in the tan tien. It’s not for the legs.
Now, what do you do when the pain starts?
You stay there. You stay there and focus on the breathing.
If you think about the pain, you will get the pain, if you put your attention on the breathing, and concentrate so hard that it stays on the breathing and is not distracted by the pain, you will transcend the pain.
Of course, you will go through the thought that you are going to die.
Nah. how could a horse stance kill you?
When that thought hits, stay there, outlast it, and it will suddenly disappear.
Actually, it will disappear, and then you may be out of your body.
Nice place to be.
No taxes.
And that’s how you get instant power in the Martial Arts, and, I have to say, that power permeates the whole body and can be used for anything. Drop by Monster Martial Arts, specifically Evolution of an Art, if you want old training methods that REALLY work. And check out the video and I’ll show you a couple of ways to use the Horse Form for self defense and general fighting.


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